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Giants Vs. Jaguars: Quotebook

Here is some of the post-game reaction from head coach Tom Coughlin and New York Giants players following Friday's preseason-opening 32-31 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"It was very disappointing to come here and be up 24-7 and lose the game. We have a lot to learn from this and a lot to improve upon. ... You catch a punt twice and you’re not going to be in that position (to lose the game)."

-- Coughlin on the muffed punts by Jayron Hosley and Jerrel Jernigan

"The touchdown, that was just a mental error. It's the preseason, so I need to get those out of the way now. I've got to correct those mental errors."

-- Prince Amukamara discussing his early struggles in pass coverage

"He (the cornerback) was holding me. He had my left arm so I grabbed it with my right and made sure I got my feet in. You have to make it happen. The coaches don’t want to hear he was holding you when you come to the sideline. You just try to do the best you can."

-- Isaiah Stanback on his one-handed touchdown catch