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New York Giants Training Camp: On Day 5, Tom Coughlin Was Not Happy

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin was not a happy camper when he spoke to reports following Wednesday's abbreviated practice at UAlbany.

The weather, the suspension of Tyler Sash, and the continued worry about the health and well-being of injured cornerback Terrell Thomas were all quite obviously weighing on the coach when he spoke to reporters.

The Giants began the workout in full pads for the first time, but were quickly driven inside for what turned into a walk-thru by thunderstorms. Coughlin said he doubted that the new CBA would allow the Giants to make up for the padded practice, meaning they basically wasted one of the few padded practices they are allowed.

"I’m going to ask, but from what I understand the clock’s even running on you, according to the CBA, when you have something like this happen," Coughlin said. "I would doubt if they allow you to have anything."

Coughlin also expressed frustration with the league over Sash's suspension for the use of the drug Adderall.

"I feel very badly about that, for the player. I mean this kid really had no intention of doing anything that is illegal. I know what the definition of the rule is and I understand all about that. Been there myself when you’ve had to ask yourself about… Sometimes you think maybe common sense needs to be involved in this," Coughlin said. "I feel bad for the kid. He is a heart and soul football player now. He takes everything he has and puts it into the game."

Coughlin also said the team did what it could to try and protect Thomas, and also Domenik Hixon. Both players entered camp having suffered two torn ACLs, and Thomas has injured his knee once again.

"We’ve always had that in mind, and we did the same thing with Terrell. Terrell… I thought you were going to ask the bigger question, why? I’d like to know that myself. I would like to know, if what the medical answer is, when you, is there a story with a repeated ACL? Where the ACL… Where the ligament comes from, in terms of projections going forward. We’ve had a couple of these.