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Tom Coughlin Transcript, 08.01.12

Q: Do you have any updates at all on Terrell Thomas or Michael Boley?

A: No, none whatsoever. Michael Boley, just the fact that he has an issue with a hamstring and we’re going to have to get him right. He’s still sore and he doesn’t feel like he can really explode, so we’re trying to get him healthy.

Q: It’s just a strain?

A: It’s called a strain, as far as I know.

Q: … having to come in here …?

A: What do you think? CBA says a day off and we switch it, we pick up an extra day now, but we had our day off and now we’re half a practice and we’ve got to come inside. I thought we were going to be able to go, but then the rain was worse than waiting the thing out. That would have put us back on the turf field and that wasn’t a good option right now.

Q: Is there anything in the CBA rules that allows you to make up for missed time?

A: I don’t really know. I’m going to ask, but from what I understand the clock’s even running on you, according to the CBA, when you have something like this happen. I would doubt if they allow you to have anything.

Q: In the past year where have you seen growth in Prince, especially right now?

A: He’s gotten better. As we were able to use him and play him, coming down the stretch there, he has improved. The very fact that he is here and healthy is the biggest thing of all because, if that’s the case, he’s a tough kid. He’ll make the physical plays and he’ll make his share of plays, too, from the standpoint of coverage. He made a great interception last week during practice. We’re excited about his development. He’s a good kid, he keeps quiet, he keeps to himself. He’s a competitive guy. Hopefully, he’s ready to unleash.

Q: When you look at what happened to Terrell, and then… Do you do anything to dial it back with Domenik Hixon? Protect him in any way?

A: We’ve always had that in mind, and we did the same thing with Terrell. Terrell… I thought you were going to ask the bigger question, why? I’d like to know that myself. I would like to know, if what the medical answer is, when you, is there a story with a repeated ACL? Where the ACL… Where the ligament comes from, in terms of projections going forward. We’ve had a couple of these.

Q: Have you had any answers? Any…

A: No. I don’t know who to ask. I mean, I can ask our own doctors. I’m talking about a research standpoint. Has there ever been enough information, to say something like this.

Q: So it’s better to use patellar as opposed to cadaver?

A: Oh, I can’t tell you that.

Q: Did you ask if any of these guys came back too quickly? Or rehabbed too severely?

A: Certainly not Terrell. Terrell is bordering on a year. Really when you watch the number of snaps he had in practice, he didn’t have that many. It’s incredible, with one play. It was a slip and a fall, but there was a sticking your leg in the ground type of thing, too.

Q: Have you talked to Terrell in the last day?

A: I have not. He was in after being in New York and I talked to him when he came back. Since he left for California, no.

Q: What’s your sense on the timeframe? And when are they getting things done in California?

A: I have no idea. His knee is going to require some time. It’s not like tomorrow morning it’s going to happen.

Q: You said time, are you still holding out hope --?

A: I’m always going to hope. I have enough information, though, to counter some of that hope but I’ll always hold out hope.

Q: What is your opinion on what you’ve seen from Martellus Bennett so far?

A: I’ve seen a guy that had some issues in the spring with the hamstring and really couldn’t go. Now he’s in here and he’s healthy. He’s done a nice job blocking and he’s made some very fine catches. He’s picked things up along the way, so I like the progress he’s making.

Q: This early on, can you get a read on the third wide receiver position in terms of Jerrel Jernigan or (Domenik) Hixon?

A: Lots of guys are competing for that spot. We want it that way. We’ve got a lot of people that can play in that second or third quarter, a lot of people that can finish the game now. David Douglas has had a heck of a preseason, for four practices and a half hour.

Q: When you talked to Terrell (Thomas) after visiting New York, how were his spirits and …?

A: He did a great job of masking, I’m sure, his true emotions. His emotions, I’m sure, are very fragile at this point in time, but he did not show that with me. From what I understand, not with Ronnie (Barnes), either. He kept a stiff upper lip, or whatever you want to call it. He didn’t let himself go there, in other words.

Q: Have you spoke with Sash about his situation with the league?
A: We had talked to him last night. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him. I read the information… I feel very badly about that, for the player. I mean this kid really had no intention of doing anything that is illegal. I know what the definition of the rule is and I understand all about that. Been there myself when you’ve had to ask yourself about… Sometimes you think maybe common sense needs to be involved in this. I feel bad for the kid. He is a heart and soul football player now. He takes everything he has and puts it into the game. He loves to play. We used him in a very, very important role last year as a rookie. Fullback on the punt team, for example. There’s no issue with this young man. He doesn’t need any watchdog over him. He’s a kid that…. If he knows… There’s no… Ignorance is not an excuse for the law. But if he knows what’s expected, he does it.

Q: Tom, who’s next in line on that fullback position.
A: We’re gonna play a bunch of them and see where we are.