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Domenik Hixon Transcript, 08.01.12

Q: You were with Thomas when he re-injured his knee. Do you remember anything on that play? It seemed like he slipped.

A: Yeah, that’s what it was. We were watching it on film and it seemed like he kind of just slipped and went to the ground.

Q: You obviously have your own knee issues, does that scare you at all?

A: I’d be lying to you if I said it didn’t. He was working hard at coming back and a lot of things he was doing I was doing. We were working out together so I saw how hard he worked. It was kind of tough seeing him go down just knowing how hard he worked at coming back.

Q: That’s not a club you want to add members to, right? You know, guys who have had it twice.

A: You definitely don’t. I’m devastated for him and I know how much he was looking forward to coming back. I guess he’s getting a check up in California, so hopefully he comes back with some good news. It’s just stressful.

Q: When you did it a second time they called it a partial tear also, right? When they said it was partial did you know right away…?

A: They didn’t know how much it was torn. When they did the surgery, they said we’re going to open you up and if you’re good to go we’ll sew you back up, or you may have a new ligament.

Q: So that’s when they decided to repair it?

A: Yeah, if you looked at the picture, everything looked good until where the screw was put in. So they determined it was torn about 80 percent or so, but you can’t be 80 percent torn and playing in the NFL. You can be torn 80 percent in life, yes, but in the NFL, no.

Q: As I remember too you didn’t think it was torn did you?

A: No, I didn’t. As a matter of fact, after that I still came out in the second half and ran some routes. Something didn’t feel right but it wasn’t the same pain as the first time. Actually, I felt like I ran a couple good routes too, so I definitely thought I was all right.

Q: The first time you had it done was it a cadaver ligament?

A: No, it was a patellar tendon graft.

Q: And then second time same deal?

A: No, the first time was patellar tendon and the second time was a cadaver ligament.

Q: Do you feel any different this time based on that or anything?

A: Actually, Terrell and I talked about this. When mine happened, just with the recovery time, it seems like you’re back a little faster with the cadaver but it’s not supposed to be as strong. The tendon graft takes a little longer but it’s supposed to be stronger. I think everybody just responds to it differently, to be honest with you. I’ve talked to Toomer and numerous people who have done it before and some people say the cadaver is better while some say the patellar tendon is better. They’re both successful so I just think it’s who you are.

Q: Do you think this was kind of just a freak thing with him? Is there any way to know this kind of stuff as far as the second one?

A: No, people say ‘healthy’ but what does that mean? You work out every day and you try to do the right thing recovering. The leg workouts you do while you’re recovering are outrageous. Like I said before, when him and I were working out together I felt that we were coming back stronger. But then something like that happens and it’s tough. My heart goes out to him.

Q: Right now, you feel good?

A: I feel great. I really do. I feel blessed and fortunate. I feel like the cadaver worked out a little better for me. Also, us having the summer program and being able to work out helped out tremendously, rather than just jumping into training camp.

Q: There are no restrictions for you right now right?

A: No restrictions. Like I said, I feel blessed. I feel good and I’m having a lot of fun. It feels good to be back.

Q: Do you feel you’re in form?

A: I do.

Q: You know, in football form?

A: Well you know some of the stuff with the CBA, like how we weren’t allowed to be pressed through the summer, we’re working on that stuff now. But I have no complaints and no restrictions. I’m just enjoying it.

Q: Have you talked to Terrell?

A: I’m going to give him a call today. I know he’s probably thinking about a lot of things and going through some stuff. I’m just trying to give him some time to figure out what’s going on with the doctors and stuff.

Q: As someone who knows obviously better than any of us what would your message to him be?

A: He definitely can do it. When you’re going through surgery a lot of things are going through your mind. The mental game that’s played, well unless you’ve been through it no one can understand. You can assume a lot of things but it’s one of toughest things for a professional athlete. It’s your job, so when you get injured that’s tough.