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Peter Giunta Transcript, 08.01.12

Cornerbacks coach Peter Giunta addressed the media Wednesday. Here is the transcript of his remarks.

Q: Did you see Terrell Thomas get hurt?

A: He kind of slipped a little bit when they were coming out of there breaks. And that was it.

Q: Nothing extraordinary?

A: Nothing extraordinary? He bounced right back up?

Q: He stayed in after that too. He still practiced a little bit more?
A: Correct. He walked into the meeting the other night. So let’s just wait and see what the doctors say. Coach Coughlin will give you more information on any injury stuff.

Q: What have you seen from him in the limited time he was back practicing?
A: He was very intent on getting back to the form he had before he got hurt. His goal was to return to that form being very conscientious in doing things the right way. Making sure his technique was getting back to where it was. We were trying to bring him on slowly so that he wouldn’t have any setbacks. Unfortunately, he did.

Q: For as long as he’s out now, what do you do with that spot?
A: We’ll have them compete. It’s great. We had eleven corners come to camp so it’s great. Prince kind of finished the year for us and did a great job. Justin Tryon played for us last year. Michael Coe, so those guys will compete. Bruce Johnson had been a starter for us and played and did well. Bruce is back after two injuries and looks great moving around out there. We drafted Jayron Hosley. So we’ve got five or six guys that will compete for that spot. And for the other two spots, for the nickel and the dime spots. So we have great competition and those guys will do a great job doing that.

Q: Where is Prince right now as far as his development?

A: [Last year] was a lost year for him because of the injury at the start of training camp. He didn’t have any preseason games. Prince right now missed the OTA’s and the minicamps so he’s really coming on. He did a great job yesterday in his one-on-ones. He is making progress and doing a great job. The one thing he did go… and he understands the defense now. It’s just a question of getting the techniques down and getting the calls and playing with each other.

Q: Is he able to flash you the talent that him a first round pick?
A: He flashes the talent. There’s no issues with the back. That was what was holding him back. Not a lack of confidence. Not a lack of knowing what to do. It was just a lack of being physically fit and able to do it. Now he’s in football shape and ready to play.

Q: There was always the chance that even if Terrell started that he would slide over to nickelback when you guys went three cornerback sets. Do you see any guys on the depth chart that are natural fits at that nickel?

A: Terrell was going to. That was our plan, to put him inside the nickel because he was a great nickel for us. Right now we have Antrel Rolle playing. He did a great job for us all of last year when we lost Terrell. We have Jayron Hosley. We have Dante Hughes. We have Antwaun Molden. Corey will go inside and play a little bit in that spot. So we’ll give the guys plenty of reps during the preseason games where we’ll be able to adjust and use people the way we want to and find out who will fill that role for us.

Q: Molden, specifically, what are you seeing in him so far this camp?
A: I think he’s done a good job. He’s a big physical corner that’s played in some big games. We’re going to try and use him inside more a little bit more because of his size and speed and his ability to get hands on people. So we’re going to try him inside there as well as outside the corner.

Q: Would you rather develop a true cornerback at the nickel spot so Antrel Rolle can go back to Safety or does that not matter?
A: It does matter. We want to put the best eleven players we have on the field. It’d be nice if we can use a corner because you can match on the wideouts. For a safety to go in and play all the nickel stuff, it really makes on him to play the dual role. Antrel did a great job of doing that. He’s going to spend working against the wideouts covering man to man. He’s also going to spend working his deep half and middle of the field techniques. So it puts a tremendous burden on somebody like that. And with the corners, they go against the wideouts all the time. So it’s a little bit easier for them. We could use more things with Antrel with what we were doing with he and Terrell in the preseason our last year in camp. So hopefully we can get back to doing those.

Q: Jerry Jones was kind of mouthing off yesterday saying that we’re going to kick the Giant’s ass when they come down to Dallas. As a coach, when you hear something like that, you’re just shaking your head like what’s going on?
A: You do. I don’t believe…. Our guys are motivated and want to go down and win anyway. Everybody is going to give us their best shot this year. When you achieve what we’ve achieved, everybody wants to beat us. We’re everybody’s Super Bowl game for next season. We’re going to get everyone’s best shot. We know that. We understand that. Our guys love to compete no matter where we go. We know who we’re going to play. We know when we’re going to play and we’re gonna play.

Q: Jayron? What have you seen in him so far?
A: He’s done a very good job. He’s learning the defense. He did a good job in the minicamps and the OTAs. He’s done a good job of picking up the nickel spot as well as the corner spot. He’s very conscientious young man. Knows what to do. He spent extra time learning his technique. Learning his role. It’s just a question of going to the pro game. And playing the techniques the techniques where you can’t bang the guys five yards down the field. And playing against great receivers and great quarterbacks every down.

Q: One of the things they talked about when they drafted him is that he plays bigger than his size. Are you seeing that?
A: It’s hard… We’ll see in the preseason games. In the OTAs and minicamp, we weren’t allowed to jam or hit anybody. Now we’re able to do that. We’ll have full pads on today. What I saw on tape, that’s absolutely true.

Q: Are the stitches going to slow him down at all?

A: Hopefully not. He said it was sore the other day when it first happened when they put the stitches in. But right now, he’s walking around fine. They’ll pad it up and Coach will talk to you about his role. He walked around fine in the meetings today. So we’ll out on the practice field if it bothers him or not.