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Tyler Sash: 'I Have To Own Up To My Mistake'

New York Giants safety Tyler Sash, suspended on Tuesday by the NFL for violating the league's performance enhancing drug policy, Wednesday took responsibility for using the drug Adderall without properly informing the league it had been prescribed for him.

"I just put something in my body that I had a prescription from my doctor for. But I am a professional and I need to handle myself in a professional manner, meaning I need to know all the rules," Sash said. "At that time I was not informed and I have to own up to my mistake and suffer the consequences."

Sash, likely the Giants third safety this season and possibly headed for significant playing time following the injury to Terrell Thomas, called the suspension a "bump in the road."

"I’ve got to handle my responsibility and be more informed next time," Sash said.

Giants running back Andre Brown was suspended during the offseason for using Adderall, but had his four-game suspension overturned. Brown apparently simply forgot to file the proper paperwork. Sash has already had his appeal denied, and would not compare the two situations.

"I can’t comment on anything that happened with him because I don’t know all the ins and outs of his case compared to my case. I had a prescription but things happen," Sash said. "I guess the league looked at my situation differently from Andre’s and now I’ve got to deal with this"

The Giants suddenly have to deal with a secondary that may not look like the one they expected to have just a few days ago.