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New York Giants News And Notes: Chris Snee, Deon Grant And More

Good morning, New York Giants fans! After a day off the Giants return to the practice field at UAlbany today for their fifth of 15 training camp practices. Yours truly won't be in attendance today, but Big Blue View will still have plenty of stories for you to read. Here is today's notebook.

Chris Snee Looking to Rebound from "Off" Year | Inside Football
"I have a list of things I want to work on, but my main thing I want to feel good and healthy," he said, again refusing to speak about the injuries that appeared to affect him last year. "As you get older, when you come out of training camp, it just seems like that gets harder to do, so that’s my goal, to feel strong, and to have my legs feel strong."

To do that, the 30-year-old Snee said he’s modified his training schedule.

"I’m only 30, which is not old, but it’s old in football years," he said with a grin. "I used to be a guy that would load up the bars and lift as much as I could, but my body doesn’t allow me to do that anymore, so that’s where you have to try to change things and find things that I can still do while still maintaining strength. It’s tough, but (Giants strength and conditioning coach) Jerry Palmieri has done a good job working with me and adjusting my work out because I can’t do some of the things the other guys can do." He also said he’s tried to clean up his diet, a challenge because he’s a fan of his wife’s cooking. "You get older in this league, and your recovery – everything really—gets more difficult," he said. "I remember the days when I didn’t have to ice down after practice. Now I’m going in before and after to get iced. You just have to change your schedule and tactics to get ready."

Former Giants safety Deon Grant advised Terrell Thomas to take it slow |
Grant is hoping when they do, they see him back in blue as a way to compensate for the potential loss of their starting cornerback.

"I told him to take his time with it because one thing about a knee injury, when you don’t take advantage of making sure it’s completely healed, it’s going to be a problem for the rest of your career," Grant, a key member of the Giants’ defense the past two seasons and currently a free agent, said by phone Tuesday. "So I definitely hate it for him and hope it’s something very small.

"I don’t like to get the call due to an injury; I like to get the call because they know what I bring to the table and know I would help the team out."

Grant believes he can ride to the rescue of a secondary that’s suddenly in chaos. "Oh yeah, of course. And I think they know it," Grant said. "It all depends on where they’re trying to go. If they feel they’re just trying to rebuild, which I don’t think that (nucleus of players) has been around too long for them to feel like they need to rebuild and all that other stuff. If they’re trying to get back to the Super Bowl, I think they know it and I know it.

"And if you ask those guys in that locker room that played with me and was in that locker room with me, they know what I bring to the table so they know I would definitely be an addition."

Paul Schwartz's post on New York Giants | Latest updates on Sulia
More from Jack Bechta, Tyler Sash's agent: "It is obvious from the timing of the positive test Tyler's intent was not to gain any advantage of performance enhancement as there are zero physical or competitive requirements of him during the month of March. "Unfortunately, like many NFL players have experienced, the appeal process is usually an exercise in futility. After a passionate explanation during the appeal of the circumstances involved, the NFL ultimately denied the appeal."

Paul Schwartz's post on New York Giants | Latest updates on Sulia
Lastly, from Tyler Sash's agent, Jack Bechta: "This is a young man who has done everything right, and who had never failed a test for any illegal substance or performance enhancing substance in his career, including college. He has been a good citizen, a good teammate, and has never troubled anyone." #nyg