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New York Giants News And Notes: A Saturday Quickie

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Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are a few Saturday morning notes for you.

Giants summer questionnaire: RB David Wilson |
Wilson doesn't agree with the finesse label some have given him.

Cosell Talks: The Evolving Chess Match : NFL Films Blog
With training camps opening in less than a month, I’ve begun to think about what I expect to see in the 2012 NFL season. I’m speaking more broadly, in terms of the continuing growth of the game. It’s become axiomatic to say the NFL is a passing league. The numbers certainly verify this statement, but there’s more to it than that. I want to drill down deeper and put a fine focus on the transformative relationship between offensive concepts and defensive reaction/adjustment.

Handsome Hank’s Supplemental Mock Draft " NFL Dave Dameshek Blog

Now, here are a bunch of links from Pro Football Focus. Some interesting notes about Giants -- and former Giants.

Three Years of Passing Under Pressure |

Three Years of Drop Rate: Tight Ends |

Three Years of Drop Rate: Wide Receivers |

Three Years of the Elusive Rating |

Three Years of Tackle Efficiency: Linebackers |

Three Years of Tackling Efficiency: Defensive Backs |