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Tom Coughlin Transcript, 07.30.12

Q: Is there anything new with Terrell Thomas?

A: Yeah, unfortunately there is. He came in this morning with a swollen knee, went down to HSS. I don't know where they're at, I haven't heard the results. The fact he came in this morning... He walked up to me after practice, he thought he felt good. He didn't really seem to have any issues and then this morning, when he came back and he was swollen, they sent him to HSS and we'll hear something probably this afternoon.

Q: You don't sound like you were anticipating that...

A: I don't like the fact that it is swollen. I'm not a doctor. Don't go basing it on me.

Q: Did he have any body language or anything that would suggest he's ...?

A: I didn't see him this morning, but I saw him yesterday afternoon. He walked up to me and said, ‘I slipped.'

Q: What about Michael Boley?

A: He's down there, too. They're just checking to make sure to what degree the hamstring is an issue.

Q: Tom, what about Hosley?

A: He went down and evidently he was getting covered. I don't know. The falling down is ridiculous. We fall down, we just fall down. He fell down and he must have fallen on someone's shoe. That's the only thing I can think of because he has a laceration or two and he has some stitches.

Q: In his knee?

A: In his knee, yeah.

Q: Was it a knee injury or just a surface deal?

A: Again, it was a laceration requiring stitches. That's all I know.

Q: Is it fair to ask if you're fearing the worst with Terrell?

A: I'm not going to... I can't... I won't comment any further, until I hear. There's no sense in it. The fact that he's not here bothers me. I sure wish he was here.

Q: Do you like the way that Prince looked with the ones?

A: Prince has been looking fine. He's played a lot with the ones. Terrell's kind of been in and out. He's played a lot with the ones.

Q: Coach, do you think you made progress with the running game?

A: We've had a couple of plays that come through. I'm not so sure yesterday wasn't better than today, but we've made a little progress. Certainly, I think it's a day that I would like to have seen what I'm constantly talking about through our team's improvement. Improvement, improvement, improvement, improvement. The only way you're going to improve is to have everybody test the guy across from them continuously. There's some good and some bad. We're looking to get a bit more consistent in that regard as well. First day we had some pads on.

Q: Does Wilson kind of stick out to you? As a guy who just flashes this talent, and maybe has that little bit of an ‘it' factor that you're looking for?

A: He does flash that. He does that consistently. He looks very fast, he looks very quick. Sometimes, he does not make the right cut, or the right maneuver. When he does, you can see that, if provided the opportunity, he might slide through a crack and give you a good play.

Q: Late in practice, Ahmad went down. The trainers were looking at his right foot. I don't know what it was. Anything there?

A: I fell down once, too. I didn't get any attention for it, though.

Q: Tom, Trattou said he was going for the MRI.

A: He did and I guess he's better. He said it feels better today. I don't know what that means but he feels better. I think we'll get him back, it's a lateral ankle, too.

Q: With the stress of Osi's contract out of the way and Pierre-Paul saying he's only tapped into 50% of his ability, and all the other guys getting healthy, how excited are you for the defense this year?

A: I've challenged the defense. I'm excited about the way we finished the season and I look forward to seeing us playing more consistent and better defensive football. Obviously I've got my eye on points scored, the playoffs were 14 points a game and the regular season was 25. So I certainly would like to see that improved upon. There's a whole host of subjects that could be improved upon. So yes, I'm looking forward to it.

Q: Coach, what does Pierre-Paul have to improve on technically? And how would that help him counter what the teams are going to do to block him this year?

A: Well he's a physical force. He's basically learning the game, but he's not there yet. I think he grasps new and different things every time he practices and I think he's becoming more aware. I think with the awareness and with the ability to recognize what people are trying to do to him, the experience factor kicks in. With his ability, his endurance, his power, his strength, and his arm length, I think he's going to keep getting better.

Q: Is it concerning or exciting that he isn't there yet considering he's been here for a couple years?

A: It's exciting.

Q: How does Adrian Tracy look out there?

A: He's looking pretty good, he's a powerful guy.