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Kenny Phillips Transcript, 07.30.12

Q: How many times have you watched the final play of the Super Bowl?

A: I actually don't. If it comes on T.V. or a commercial or something like that, I check it out and... Other than that, not very much.

Q: Don't want to see it?

A: Not really. It's over and done with, so I don't. I'm not that type of guy to just keep watching something over and like, ‘Wow. I did that.' That's not me.

Q: Last year at this time, Perry Fewell was telling us that he thought you were going to make a quantum leap last year; that you were going to have a breakout season. How do you feel like the season went?

A: I think I had a pretty good season. I made the plays that came our way. Our role changed a little bit; not that much. I wanted to be more involved in the defense. That time, it didn't really call for it. Whatever it takes for us to win.

Q: What did you identify as the biggest difference in this defense down the stretch, that final 6-game winning streak as opposed to maybe some sporadic play earlier on in the beginning of last season?

A: I think we all just bought into the system, bought into the scheme. We had a lot of key guys go down early, so we had our young guys in. Our defense is pretty complicated and toward the end of the season, we got a lot of guys back healthy. Coach made the defense really simple so we can play fast. I think everybody bought into the scheme.

Q: How much does this apply now coming into this season?

A: Everybody has a good knowledge of the playbook. I think it's going to help us out a lot.

Q: Now that you have Antrel back at the other safety, he doesn't have to play third corner anymore. What do you expect out of the two of you this season?

A: The sky's the limit. Just having another playmaker back there is going to allow me to put me in a better position to make plays and not have to always be the deep safety and try to play hero.

Q: People always ask if you're completely recovered from the surgery? Do you feel like you're all the way back? Was last year the first you felt like you didn't have to worry about it?

A: I would say I'm all the way back. MRIs show it. I'm pretty healthy, but it's something they say I definitely have to maintain throughout my career. So I'm always rehabbing and just trying to get stronger.

Q: Going into the final year of your contract, how much is that on your mind? Do you think about that at all?

A: I don't need to think about that. Money is not an issue to me right now. I'm just trying to finish the season healthy and make plays.

Q: Would you talk about it if the club came to you and said let's make a deal now?

A: I'll tell them talk to the agent. I don't want anything to do with that. I'm just going to play football.