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Report: Terrell Thomas Likely To Have Knee Surgery is reporting that Terrell Thomas will likely undergo another operation on the right knee that forced him to miss all of last season. Thomas had an MRI Monday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.


The MRI revealed that Thomas suffered an injury to the right knee involving the ACL.

"Terrell re-injured his ACL," said Giants senior vice president of medical services Ronnie Barnes. "At this point, he will most likely undergo an arthroscopic procedure to determine the extent of the injury to the ACL. However, no decision has been made at this point. Terrell is going to consult with Dr. (Arthur) Ting, who performed an allograft reconstruction of the ACL in September."

Thomas suffered the injury on Sunday when he slipped during a pass-coverage drill. The knee was swollen Monday morning, and the Giants immediately sent him for the MRI.

Newsday's Tom Rock mentioned on Twitter that no NFL player has successfully come back from a third torn ACL. Thomas was trying to come back from his second.