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Antrel Rolle Transcript, 07.27.12

Q: It’s pretty obvious that you got a new haircut. What was the inspiration for this?

A: Whenever I come to training camp, and I have something silly like this done to my hair, I’m thinking about a 75 percent ratio of going to the Super Bowl. So whatever it takes to keep it going.

Q: Where did this one come from? Is there a story behind this one?

A: No. No story behind this one. I just told my barber to give me something different. This time, we wanted to go with something that glows in the dark. So this is what you got.

Q: Can hair make you a better player?

A: Absolutely not. I’m just a little different when it comes to certain things, and this is just one of them.

Q: You said in the past you’ve gotten special haircuts and then your team has gone to the Super Bowl?

A: Yeah. The first time I did it was in Arizona, and we went to the Super Bowl. I came back last year, and had a whole bunch of whatever going on my head. Hopefully, I can keep the chain going.

Q: What’s the design?

A: I have no idea.

Q: You trust your barber that much?

A: Yeah, I trust him.

Q: What have the guys said? They said they’re going to get their hair cut the same way?

A: No. I think this is just a one of a kind thing, here. There are a lot of the bald guys on the team here, so they wish they could do it.

Q: Last year, the secondary really struggled at the beginning of the year. Then you guys at the end, the communication got a lot better, and the secondary was much improved. Do you feel like you guys can now carry that over to the start of the year and having that last the whole season?

A: Yeah. I think so. The way we finished up last year is the way we want to go out and obviously try to come out this season. We had a lot of guys come together. We had a lot of guys, as well as coaches and players get on the same page, understand their assignments a lot better and trust the guy beside them. That’s pretty much all it was. We didn’t do anything differently or out of the ordinary from what we did all year long. We just put a little more focus and trust in the guy beside us, and that was the outcome.

Q: You had to play some third corner last year. It was different from what you were used to. Do you feel happy to get back to playing your usual position?

A: Yeah, You know, it feels a little funny to say that I’m not comfortable playing a position that I’m supposed to play. Getting back into the swing of things, we have a lot of guys up front, secondary wise that can fill up every corner spot. We’re just happy to be back out here, trying to get on the same page and build us a core group of guys. Just as far as chemistry, and things of nature to allow us to stay on the same page.

Q: You took a vocal lead in just trying to get guys to rally last year. Do you look at yourself now as having to take that same role this year? Do you step back and let somebody else do it?

A: I don’t pre-meditate anything. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. Right now, we’re just here trying to build a foundation and have something to look forward to, week in and week out. Right now is the only time that we can do that, and start it off here, which is at training camp.

Q: How do you see this team compared to the rest of the NFC or the rest of the league? Do you feel like there’s no reason why you guys can’t do this again? Do you feel like you have to prove yourselves all over again?

A: I think we definitely have to prove ourselves all over again. That was the 2011 season. This is 2012, and guys are going to be gunning for us, and they’re going to be gunning for us a lot more than last year. We have the toughest schedule in the NFL, so in the NFC, I think it’s extremely tough. It’s got just that much more competitive, and we’ve just got to play the best of the best ball to even have a shot at the playoffs.

Q: What’s the balance as a veteran guy between getting yourself ready for the season and helping to get the younger guys ready to go?

A: I think you have to look at it, and just take the approach of doing everything that you have to the correct way. Then those guys follow, hopefully a great example is being set for those guys. Hopefully, they’re alert and aware enough to follow your lead. You just take it from that point.

Q: You had Deon here last year, who was someone you were close to, as a veteran guy. With him not here, do you feel like you’re the veteran leader of this secondary now?

A: I’m definitely one of the oldest guys in the secondary, that’s for sure, with me and Corey Webster. We just go out there and we play together. If I have to lead, then I’ll lead. If I have to follow, I’ll follow. I have no problems with leading or following, as long as it’s the right thing to do. We just go out there and make sure that we’re on the same page. I think we’re all vocal enough to do that. I think we’re all smart and intellectual players, in order to keep everyone on the same page.