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Steve Tisch, Giants Chairman, 07.27.12

Q: What’s this offseason been like for you?

A: It’s been great. I’m also in the film business, and I’ve got a film opening on August 8th, which I’m very excited about.

Q: What film?

A: ‘Hope Springs,’ the new Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell film.

Q: I heard she can act…

A: She’s pretty good. With a couple more years of lessons she’ll be all right.

Q: What were your film friends saying about the Super Bowl?

A: They love it. There’s a huge following of the Giants in Hollywood. Got a lot of fans out there.

Q: What was it like riding that wave the last six weeks of the season and winning the Super Bowl?

A: Well the wave going into the Super Bowl this year was a little different than the wave four years ago. We weren’t sure we were going to be riding that wave, as you all know, midseason. So to finally get on it, and through the playoffs, and the Super Bowl, was thrilling, absolutely thrilling. Thrilling for ownership, for the coaches, for the team, for the fans. Very, very exciting.

Q: You don’t usually have the same chaos that some other teams have, but is it nice to have nothing. Coughlin is signed, Osi’s got his contract, I mean there is nothing…

A: It’s fantastic. To come in to it and have a basically anxiety-free camp is absolutely fantastic.

Q: What’s that say about the job Jerry Reese does?

A: I think it says a lot about how Jerry goes with the team. With Tom, and the other coaches. It says a lot about the players too. I mean the players don’t want the distractions. They want to come here and start training camp, go into the preseason and start playing football in the regular season. So with no distractions, or a minimal amount of distractions, it’s fantastic. It just brings them closer and closer, starting yesterday, and starting today.

Q: Yesterday Mathias Kiwanuka said that he didn’t believe that the team was a dynasty, how close do you feel that you are arriving at that goal?

A: I would go with Kiwi. Not just yet. I hope that at a certain point towards the end of this season, hopefully going into the playoffs, that that word will be used. I’m not going to use it, but it’s a nice word, and if others sort of feel we could be a dynasty, or are becoming one, I’d be thrilled, but I’m not going to say we’re a dynasty. We’re a great football team, we’re defending a world championship, and for me that’s very, very exciting.