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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

Hey everyone.....camps are opening and football is in the air! There isn't a ton of news yet, especially with the start of the Olympics dominating sports pages, but here are a few items I came across...

So the jury of course is largely out on Peyton Manning. I saw this piece about Manning receiving rock star treatment at Broncos' camp, and then this one five hours later saying he was impressive with his throws being accurate and with some zip. And hey, I hope he does do well, and I hope that next year when we play the Broncos we beat the snot out of them (unless, who knows, we may play them sooner).

Either Roger Goodell cares about his players or he's trying his best to avoid the league getting sued to extinction. Honestly, the key is that confidential mental health line, so that the players can call before doing something they will regret or that their families will regret. My only question--does this initiative include former players too? Because many of those are the ones having brain issues years after leaving the game.

Panthers' center Ryan Kalil actually took out a full-page ad in the Charlotte Observer declaring to fans that the Panthers would win the Super Bowl this season. Um, hey dude, rumor has it that Roger Goodell has set up a confidential mental health line for you guys. I'm just saying, you might want to put that number on speed dial.

In this look at five burning questions, this writer actually has the Panthers as a team that could make a postseason run, so maybe Kalil isn't crazy. Maybe. There is also the question everyone will be asking until kickoff on September 5--will the Giants and/or Patriots get back to the big game? I'm biased, but I think one of those teams will.

Mike Tomlin was signed to an extension in Pittsburgh, which should be no surprise. That guy, for my money (and I know it wasn't my money they contracted him with), is one of the best coaches in the game.

Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen are the new Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez? Uh, not really. But hey, later in this NFL notebook, is a story I think is more interesting--that Chad Ochocinco is going back to just Chad Johnson. Wow. End of an era. End of a goofy, ridiculous era.

It's possible we may see a female ref this year. If that keeps Jerome Bogar and Jeff Triplette off the field, that's okay with me.

Derrick Ward lashed out at players who have been busted recently for drinking and driving. I'm not sure they will listen to you, Derrick, but it's nice that one of their own said something.

I thought the NFL was starting on September 5, not September 15. Oh, and Ferwafa needs to secure those sponsorships ASAP. Oh wait! This is the national football (soccer) league in Africa. Whew.

With football literally right around the corner now, it's time to start thinking about football food items! Here is a stadium made of snack food to get you thinking and get your hunger pangs going. I didn't see the sign, by the way, but I'm pretty sure they named this thing Ball Park Frank Frito-Lay Slim Jim Stadium.

Enjoy your weekend guys!