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Justin Tuck Transcript, 07.26.12

Q: Glad to be back here at camp?

A: ...

Q: That's a no?

A: I am glad to be back at camp. I had to think about that for a minute.

Q: How different is it coming in as defending Super Bowl Champs?

A: Well, we did it before. A lot of buzz around this football team. I'm sure the fans are very excited. We're excited. The biggest thing is just get our work in and realize last year was last year. Completely different year. That's what our focus needs to be.

Q: You used the word dynasty when we saw you at the ring ceremony. .........

A: I think every team should think about it. That's what all of our goals are, is to win every year.

Q: You don't have a problem with the teams that don't have one championship thinking about dynasty?

A: I understood what Michael was saying. Obviously it's going to be blown out of proportion. I think he was just talking about belief in his football team. So I don't see anything wrong with that. It wasn't a slight to any team that won a championship or anything like that. He's going to believe in his football team. Why wouldn't he say it?

Q: Is there room for two dynasties in the NFC East?

A: We're not a dynasty yet. So we've still got work to do ourselves. So no, it's not. Right now there's not one here yet. So hopefully we can become that first dynasty.

Q: Can you talk about the benefits of being up here in Albany and camp away from the distractions of the city? You guys rooming together, the camaraderie, the lockout last year kind of caused some problems at the beginning of the season...

A: This football team is aware of what the distractions can be whether we're in closer to New York City or we're up in Albany. It's still going to be distractions here. I don't really buy into the fact that just because we moved camp a little bit further north that there's still not going to be distractions. There's going to be distractions here. What we've got to do is just make sure we do our part in limiting those. That has nothing to do with whether we're here or there. I think because we have a veteran football team, we have a team that's poised and understands what it takes to win and hopefully we'll do the right things to eliminate those.

Q: Eli's been talking about focusing on the 9-7 instead of the Super Bowl. Is that easy to do? Do you have to trick yourself into doing that in some ways?

A: You just can't allow yourself to think about it. You gotta be humble and remember the reason why we turned around a team that was 9-7 to a Super Bowl team. Eli is right on. It's going to be another tough year for us. We know what our schedule looks like. So it's important for us to work as if we didn't make the playoffs. Work as if we didn't win the Super Bowl because all that's going to be needed to get back to where we want to be this year.

Q: What are you most curious in seeing about this team?

A: Just how we respond to everybody patting us on our backs all offseason. I'm curious to see if we come in hungry like I think we will be. I'm curious to see where our mind is. I know guys have been training. I know guys are physically ready. But it's a different grind when you're on top of the mountain. But we're always the hunters. I don't agree with that. But in the public eye we're not the hunters, we're being hunted this year. It's a different mindset when you're in that situation.

Q: With you being healthier this year, with Osi being healthier and JPP with another year of experience, how much better can you guys be up front?

A: The season hasn't started yet. So hopefully we're healthy when that starts. But if we all are healthy at the same time and have the opportunity to be out on the football field together, that trio is going to be tough to handle. It's going to be tough for offensive lines to block us. They got to pick and choose. They can't double-team all of us. We feel as though we can win the one on ones and that's going to be our strength this year if we're healthy.

Q: Your team won a Super Bowl with you having a very difficult year personally as far as on the field. How much more ready are you physically to have a better year?

A: Well I came into camp last year pretty healthy too. Damn Jet preseason game. I think more than anything, my mind is in the right place this year. I haven't had a lot of personal problems as I did last year. God Bless. So hopefully that stays the same and hopefully I can continue to focus on football. I think that's the biggest difference coming into this camp compared to last year.

Q: ...obviously you have a Super Bowl ring, that's the main thing out of last year. But look at the stats....

A: Me and my old age, I'm less concerned about me personally and what I do on the field personally as far as stats than I am about what we do as a team. It's important for me to win football games. That's what's important. And yes, I would love to be a Pro Bowler, I'd love to be All-Pro and all of those things and that's the icing on the cake but I'll take last year's stats with a Super Bowl any year.

Q: Do you look at this team as 1 of 32 trying to climb the mountain or the guys who are on top and we're the guys that have to be knocked off?

A: It all starts over. Like I said, you throw last year out of the way. Last year is history. You learn from history and you learn how to get to the top of the mountain. I think we, along with the Patriots, are the team that has that experience from last year. Every team is starting 0-0, so we're all, just like a marathon, I hope we're the kings this year.

Q: Knowing how important you are to this defense and how healthy you need to be for you to have the type of impact you want. Can you do something like play less in the preseason to curb the risk of injuries?

A: I have no say on when I play. That's the coach's jobs. They tell me to go play and I go play. That's how it always has been and that's how it always will be.