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Martellus Bennett Transcript, 07.26.12

Q: Are you used to this?

A: Yeah, it’s kind of like Dallas. They had a lot of cameras in Dallas as well, as you all could imagine.

Q: Are you excited about weigh-ins today?

A: I already weighed-in. I’m excited about everything. I’m really excited to play, I feel like it’s my first time coming to camp. So I’m super excited to play football. I couldn’t sleep last night, because I was so excited. I would have driven down here in the middle of the night, but the wife said I couldn’t.

Q: As far as coming to the Giants, does this feel like a new lease on life, as far as your career is concerned? Playing behind Witten in Dallas, does this give you an opportunity to get you back to where you wanted to be when you came out of college?

A: Yeah. It’s tough because most guys who get drafted high, they come in as a starter or with a whole lot of playing time. I kind of had an apprentice role for the first four years, so I feel like I’m really a rookie. It’s my first time getting to go out there and play. I had a great time in Dallas, I thought that everybody on the team was awesome. Who better to learn behind than Witten? He’s one of the best to ever do it, I’ve learned a lot from him. Kind of like, every once in a while, plants can’t grow when they’re shaded by the tall trees, so I get a little something for myself now.

Q: Coming from Dallas to the Giants, rivalries go way back. Are there any weird feelings about putting on the Giants uniform after being in Dallas for so long?

A: No. I really just want to kick those guys’ a—es. You know what I’m saying? That’s what it’s all about, you know? I mean, we’re cool, but we ain’t that cool. I kind of got some ill feelings towards them. It’s a game. Every game is the same way. I kind of hate everybody, honestly, in the NFL.

Q: Do you have that Dallas game marked on your calendar?

A: I have everybody’s date marked on my calendar, honestly. I’m kind of pissed off about a whole lot, so I think it’ll be a good year for me.

Q: Martellus, you can refresh my memory if I’m wrong, you were about 290 at minicamp. There was a lot made about your weight, so how much have you lost? What are you down to?

A: The thing that people don’t realize is that I didn’t run for five weeks, and I was just lifting weights. So, I kind of bulked up, so I’m back down. I have no worries, no weight issues or anything.

Q: How about the opportunity for you to step into a team that is currently Super Bowl champ? Having the chance to start and everything?

A: It’s a huge opportunity to have a fair shot to go out there to really play and be a part of the team. I’m looking forward to getting out there with these guys. I didn’t really get the chance to do a lot out there during mini-camp and OTAs because of my hamstring. I feel really good about getting out there and going out there with the guys now.

Q: You good to go completely now?

A: Yeah. I’m 100 percent.

Q: You said you were angry. Have you ever been this angry, coming into training camp?
A: No. I’ve been studying myself over the last… I kind of sound like Gandhi right now, but I’ve been studying myself over the last couple of years, just the way that I approach things. You know, the way I went about things when I was in Dallas and I made a lot of improvements. A lot of it is just being happy. For me, it was never an issue with playing ability or being able to make plays. A lot of it is being at peace with myself, but I’m not at peace with everybody else. I’ve never been this hungry and enthused about going to camp.

You weren’t as strong with what you were saying about Dallas in the spring. You hinted at some stuff, did you kind of sit and simmer on this stuff for the last couple of weeks?

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been through a whole lot, as far as working out and getting ready for camp and things like that. So, I’ve had a lot on my mind and every part of the process. It is what it is, like I said. It was great everywhere, everybody out there always has something to say, but I’m not worried about that. I’m just thinking about making as many plays as possible.

Q: You said that you had some ill will towards Dallas. How come?
A: I have ill feelings towards everybody. It’s not just Dallas. Pretty much anybody who doesn’t play with us, I don’t like them. I don’t like a lot of people.

Q: Do you like us?
A: I mean, you’re all cool, until you say the wrong thing. Most of y’all, I probably don’t like already. We all have a part in the community, with our jobs and our roles. I appreciate you guys, though.