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Eli Manning: 'I Like Going To Albany'

If you have been around Big Blue View for a few seasons now you know I love it when the New York Giants hold training camp at UAlbany. It is only a few minutes from my home and I get to attend practice every day, which helps me learn the team and bring you better information.

Apparently, quarterback Eli Manning enjoys Albany, too. Here is what Manning told the New York Post:

"I like going to Albany just from a team bonding experience, living in dorm rooms, you have roommates,’’ Manning told The Post. "This year’s always a little special — with the Olympics coming on, everybody will kind of get in the same room, you’ll get 10 guys, 12 guys, sometimes more in one room watching a certain event and rooting for the U.S. team. That’s always really special. Last year, we stayed in a hotel. You don’t really get that hanging out at night or during down time.

"At our home facility you have all your film there, you have your normal meeting rooms, everything’s kind of close proximity,’’ he said. "There is a definite positive to each of them. I’m kind of looking forward to getting back. I think training camp in Albany, it’s kind of like, I went to summer camp when I was 10 years old and I still get to go to summer camp when I’m 31. I kind of like that aspect of that.’’

The summer campers hit the field at UAlbany for their first practice Friday at 1 p.m. ET.