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Eli Manning Laughs Off Comments By Amani Toomer

New York Giants fans were irate when former Giants wide receiver and current ESPN talking head Amani Toomer said Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys was a better quarterback than two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. The twitter-verse was irate. Football analysts everywhere were up in arms trying to figure out what Toomer had done with his brain.

Manning? He apparently found the whole thing funny.

"I saw Toomer not too long ago at the ESPY awards and I went up to him and I said ‘Hey, I think Willie Ponder and Ike Hilliard were better receivers than you were for the Giants.’ Just kind of laughed and joked about it. I don’t get upset about those things," Manning said. "Amani’s been a good pal of mine. I don’t think he was trying to be mean to me in any way or try to hurt my feelings. That’s just the way things are now, with so many different talk radio shows and so many different things talking about football year-round, there’s only so much you can say. You can listen to every single one and get upset every time they say anything bad about me or the Giants, if that got to me and got me upset or concerned we’d have some serious problems.’’

Typical Eli. And, in reality, he is probably right on target.