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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

Good afternoon fellow Giants fans. I have to start off by saying what a somber day it is following the massacre at the Denver area movie theater last night. I know this is a football site, and we come here to get away from these things, but I thought it fair to acknowledge how awful a tragedy it is, and if you feel like weighing in, you are welcome to. I'd be lying if I said I don't think about these things when I'm in a public spot like that.

So okay, let's talk about football. To be honest, there isn't much news of substance yet...I say "yet" because training camps open next week and we will start to have some real fun. But let's see what is going on...

Did you know the Ravens were favourites to win the AFC North? Favourites? I'll take some chips with my fish, please. For the record, I like the Ravens too.

So the Arizona Cardinals contributed to Governor Jan Brewer's Super PAC? I wonder how the players feel about that. I say that because I remember when the whole Scott Walker protests were going on here in Madison, the Packers got behind the recall effort because of their union affiliation. Then again, I realize the Cardinals ownership is free to donate their money as they wish.

25 players arrested this off-season? Yikes. Was David Diehl one of them or was he not arrested?

Here is a bit of fantasy advice for you guys--Matt Forte and Ray Rice have signed long-term deals. These are two excellent multipurpose running backs that are rare fantasy commodities these days--they are the main dogs and not part of the ubiquitous RBBC. That's one of the reasons quarterbacks have become so valuable, aside from the fact that the league is becoming more pass-oriented.

Speaking of fantasy, which we will do more of this weekend, Michael Fabiano of gives us the players he has fantasy man-crushes on (that sounds awful, I know). I agree with many of these, but for whatever reason I want no part of Matt Ryan. I think Eli has more ice water in his veins than Matt Ice, but that's beside the point. Ryan is one of those guys I just avoid when I'm drafting, but that doesn't mean I don't like Roddy White and Julio Jones.

Even more on fantasy, Greg Jennings gives us his own projections. It's hard not to love Jennings, but I'm not sure about his value when Aaron Rodgers has so many weapons. Speaking of which, I see big things from Randall Cobb this year--he is one of the most explosive young players in the league, and I think he may surpass James Jones and old man Driver before the season is out.

Michael Vick's book required reading for all NFL players? Ehhh, I don't know about that.

Santonio Holmes apparently wants no part of catching passes from Tim Tebow. I'm not so sure I blame him, but the alternative isn't all that appealing either.

The top two picks in the NFL draft, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin the third, have signed this past week. Wow, $22 million and $21 million, respectively? Those are insane rookie contracts.

Cris Carter changed his mind about Calvin Johnson. For my money, Calvin is way up in the stratosphere and keeps getting better.

It's a slow sports cycle this time of year. While waiting for football camps to open, we have Tiger in play for the British Open. The Lakers, Magic and Cavs are working on a three-way trade involving Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum. Baseball trades are heating up--including the Rockies and Royals swapping pitchers with dreadful ERAs in Jeremy Guthrie and Jonathan Sanchez, and the Astros receiving Francisco Cordero and Ben Francisco from the Blue Jays. I sure get confused by the amount of Francisco's in baseball right now.

And then there is this--the Olympics are coming, and here is a reason to watch 19-year old Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke. Holy crap, is she hot. And fast!

Have a great weekend fellas!