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New York Giants Martellus Bennett: Breakout Or Bust?'s 'Around The League' is running a series projecting potential breakout players for each NFL team. has chosen Martellus Bennett as its potential breakout player for the New York Giants.

We have talked about Bennett a ton since the Giants signed the tight end from the Dallas Cowboys as a free agent. Opinions, of course, vary. The Giants themselves are not 100 percent sold, as we know from the one-year "prove it to us" contract they signed him to. Reporting to mini-camp weighing 291 pounds, whether it was muscle or a few extra pounds of fat, certainly does not seem like a great move by Bennett. says this about Bennett, who seems to have under-achieved in Dallas:

"The biggest question seems to be about whether or not Bennett, after bulking up to 291 pounds, is simply too big to break out. Bennett went shirtless during an interview during the OTAs to show that he's not fat, just a physical freak. The Giants do not appear to be overly concerned with Bennett's mass, and he could be too big a target for Eli Manning to ignore."

Without delving way into the pros and cons of Bennett, since we have done a lot of that, let's just ask the question. Will Bennett be a breakout player or a bust?

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