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New York Giants News and Notes: Eli, Martellus, Weatherford and Wahlberg Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. It's officially July, which means training camp starts a few short weeks from now. Man, does that have a nice ring to it or what? Of course, that also means we need a jackhammer to uncover the rocks where news is hiding. But alas, we've done it, even if that means there are stories about bitter actors who are Patriots fans. Let's have a look....

Fantasy week: Evaluating Eli Manning - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Manning is an enigmatic fantasy quarterback. He's ranked sixth among quarterbacks by our experts in their preseason rankings. But according to the average draft position data on this site, he's the ninth quarterback being taken in early mocks and not going until the middle of the sixth round.

Still not much love for Eli in fantasy-land? Middle of the sixth round??? I have a feeling he's going to wind up being a higher ADP than what they are projecting. What do you guys think?

Martellus Bennett: Eli Manning 'an unselfish' QB -
Another word you can't spell without E-L-I is "unselfish," which is the word newly signed Giants tight end Martellus Bennett used to describe Manning.

Martellus Bennett has new opportunity with Giants -
Though he was behind Witten on the Dallas Cowboys' depth chart over the past four seasons, playing time was never an issue for Martellus Bennett. A 2008 second-round pick out of Texas A&M, Bennett played in nearly 40 percent of the Cowboys' snaps as a rookie and nearly half the team's snaps in 2009. According to official playing-time documents, Bennett logged 1,778 snaps in his 60-game career with the Cowboys, but was mostly an afterthought in the offense.

Mark Wahlberg Banned From Watching The Super Bowl At Home -
Mark Wahlberg has been banned from watching the Super Bowl at home with friends following a fight with his wife after his beloved New England Patriots lost to rivals the New York Giants in February. The passionate Boston, Massachusetts sports fan was so upset when the Giants won he kicked all his pals out of his house and then yelled at his wife Rhea Durham when she told him to calm down. The movie star admits he has regretted the confrontation ever since and now he accepts he may never be able to watch his Patriots in the football final if his wife is at home.


Ex-Illini punter Weatherford savoring Super Bowl win | savoring, super, weatherford - The Telegraph
Steve Weatherford is living the good life in the NFL. The former University of Illinois standout is doing the punting for the world champion New York Giants, so you could say he’s sitting on top of the world. He has a Super Bowl ring and a place that can serve as his comfort zone. Believe me, the second item seems just as important to the 29-year-old Weatherford as the first one.

Why has no one signed Ryan Grant? - Yahoo! Sports
Despite having two 1,200-plus rushing seasons under his belt, unrestricted free agent Ryan Grant remains unsigned. "He’ll clearly play for somebody this year," said Grant’s agent Alan Herman....."We’re not really thinking about Green Bay at this point." Other teams, however, including the Lions, Steelers, Dolphins, Redskins, Broncos, Raiders, Colts and Giants need help at running back.

Dallas DOOMSDAY Shootout 3 - featuring the DALLAS COWBOYS & NY GIANTS
If it has always been your dream to play next to your NFL heros...well put down your video game controller because this is your chanceto play WITH them. No, not on the football field. On the basketball court. A very limited number of fans will be against their NFC East rival. You will not only have the opportunity to go head to head with these gridiron athletes, but you will also have the opportunity to be coached by a Cowboys & Giants Legend. Each player will play a minimum of 1 quarter of the game.

This game was played on Saturday, but I wanted you all to see it because it seems like a really odd event, especially because it's played in New Jersey and is very much a Cowboys' event. But also because, if you pay enough money, you can play ball with these guys.

Finally, last week former Giants' great and current broadcaster Carl Banks took part in a panel discussion at the New York Institute of Technology. Put on by the Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation, the organization is called PACE (Protecting Athletes through Concussion Education), and Banks was joined by Drew Brees, Briana Scurry, Mike Richter, Dr. Mark Lovell and Adam Schefter. They sat down and discussed the major issues within concussions in youth sports. Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation has created the PACE Program in order to provide free one year subscriptions of imPACT baseline testing to middle schools, high schools and athletic clubs by signing up at