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New York Giants News And Notes: Counting Down To Camp

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is your Tuesday morning notebook.

Weatherford: Coughlin perfect coach to lead Giants to repeat
"I don’t think we’re ever going to have any problem being motivated,’’ said Weatherford, who high-fived every one of the campers, hit a few punts to kids and their counselors and allowed numerous youngsters to wear his Super Bowl ring during his appearance. "I think a lot of your motivation and the direction of your energy is controlled by the head coach, and we got the best coach in the game. The most difficult thing for a defending champion team would be the motivation to do it again. I think Tom Coughlin is the greatest coach in the NFL to be able to defend it. You look at the team he was able to put together the year after the ’07 Super Bowl, just an incredible team.

"Coach Coughlin will really kind of mentally prepare us for how to deal with it. A lot of those guys, Eli Manning, Lawrence Tynes, they already won their second ring so they kind of know how to deal with it. For me, personally, I think there’s gonna be no better feeling than repeating. Anybody can win it once. To be able to defend you title, that really kind of creates a dynasty.’’

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