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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

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Happy Friday everyone. Holy crap, we're two weeks away from training camp! Does that seem surreal to anyone else? However, I am not complaining....bring it on, we are all ready.

Here is an article about Aaron Rodgers and how he's fared four years after replacing a legend in Brett Favre. It's pretty amazing how Rodgers jumped in after riding the bench for three seasons, and I think it's obvious Mike McCarthy knew what he had on that bench, making the decision to trade Favre after his fourteenth return from retirement. But is Rodgers the best player in the NFL? That would make for a good debate.

Big Ben is erratic in the red zone. Heck, he's erratic in fantasy football, period. I'm not drafting him, that's for sure.

Marshawn Lynch is a bulldog, and if you need a reminder, read this article and watch his TD run against the Saints in a wild card game two seasons ago.

I sort of get wanting to play games in Canada or the UK, but Robert Kraft is talking about putting a team in London permanently. Seriously, is that worth the headache for all involved? There is not truth to the rumor that Newt Gingrich wants to put a team on the moon.

The NFL wants Jonathan Vilma to drop the defamation suit. No, wait...they demand it. Really?

Drew Brees finally has a deal with the Saints, five years, $100 million, $60 million guaranteed. Maybe Monday Night Football can start to cue up those evil genius meeting clips between Brees, Pete Carmichael and Sean Payton. Oh, wait....

Adrian Peterson, very very questionable for your fantasy draft, at least questionable about picking him number 1 or 2 like usual. I haven't really made any projections yet, but I still like Rodgers at 1 or 2, and I also really like Arian Foster.

So if you live in the Youngstown area (my mother-in-law does, and it's just not a very nice place), you can check out this camp that has an "NFL flavor,' meaning some players are running it. But, um, I don't recognize any of those flavors.

It would seem that Rob Gronkowski has some power, as he won the celebrity home run derby in Buffalo this week. So he has a nice power stroke in addition to being an excellent dancer.

Did you guys know Didier DeSchamps was named the new "football" coach for France? Man, that guy looks mean, like he just bit into a stale croissant.

Here are some more funny articles, or at least some headlines that bring out the Beavis and Butthead in me. First, there is the "vibrating toy that puts players in control of NFL franchises." And hey, in Colorado, melons are back! Is it bad that I can't not snicker when I hear the word "melon?"...."Hey Beavis, I've seen the tops of the mountains, and it is good."

Oh, and jerky update! Remember my wife got me the jerky of the month for our anniversary? I got my first shipment last week, and one of the bags of jerky was from Divine Bovine. They make theirs from brisket, and even though it was the spicy jalapeno flavor, it had a really nice sweet teriyaki taste. I wound up ordering four more bags of it!

Finally, I will leave you with a pet peeve of the week--I don't know what it is, but every single time I get in line for a single toilet bathroom, like the one at Trader Joe's, the guy in front of me is dropping a deuce. So not only do I have to wait an extra five minutes, but I have to hold my nose while taking a leak. Yeah, I know, just what you guys want to be reading about in a football column, but there it is.

Have an excellent weekend, guys!