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VIDEO: Martellus Bennett Workout Regimen

Martellus Bennett Training Days Trailer (via NOC)

Worried about the fact that New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennett, signed this offseason as a free agent from the Dallas Cowboys, checked in this summer at 291 pounds? Or, that he has a reputation of not working as hard as he should.

The trailer above, and the full half-hour video after the jump should dispel much of that. NOC TV is partnering with SB Nation YOUTube to produce and share content, and these are from NOC.

Bennett acknowledges the fact that he is perceived as a player who does not work hard. His trainer, Adam Szuch, tells us that Bennett actually checked in at 296 pounds when he began working at Velocity Sports Performance in Mahwah, N.J. but is down to about 275 pounds.

Martellus Bennett Full Work Out: Training Days (via NOC)