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John Mara Says NFL Did Not Withhold Concussion Data

New York Giants co-owner John Mara said he finds the claim by former NFL players that the league withheld information about concussions to be "objectionable." [via]

"I'm on the health and safety committee, we have more medical committees looking into it," Mara said. "We're just starting to gather more information about it. And I'm very confident we're doing everything we can do right now to find out more about it.

"But the notion in these lawsuits that we knew there were long-term effects and we withheld that information is ridiculous. Is there some kind of cause and effect? I don't know, I'll let the medical experts tell you that; common sense would tell you that there is. But to say we knew it and withheld it, I really find that objectionable."

Concussions, of course, are a major issue right now and Mara is in the middle of the league's efforts to enhance safety. It is an issue that we should pay more attention to.