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[VIDEO]: New York Giants' David Wilson Talks To SB Nation YouTube

This is a great interview from SB Nation YouTube with New York Giants first-round draft choice David Wilson, which was done during the rookie premiere event in Los Angeles.

The interview, including a shout-out to Big Blue View, is below. Excerpts, for those of you who prefer to read rather than listen, are after the jump.

David Wilson Interview - Giants Rookie RB (via sbnnfl)

Wilson on being selected by the Giants:

"Being a part of the Super Bowl champions and they took you with their first pick, so they are expecting a lot of you and they want me to contribute right away. ... I'm putting my foot in the door and once I put my foot down I'm gonna go north. Not north and south, just try to go north."

Wilson said the other Giants' running backs made him feel "comfortable" upon his arrival.

On the New York/New Jersey area:

"In Virginia you can look for miles in the the distance. In New York you can look about 10 feet."

On teaming with Ahmad Bradshaw:

"He's a powerful running back and hard-nosed, but he's not the biggest guy, either. We'll complement each other and, although we aren't the biggest guys we run hard. That's all you can ask for out of a running back is to run hard when he has the ball."

On competing in the NFL:

"It gets trimmed down to the best of the best. Every week you've got to bring your 'A' game," said Wilson.