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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

Hey's Friday again, and that means it's time for some fodder. I mean, it's time for some talk about concussions and lawsuits. Seriously. I cringe a little every time I hear or read about this, but the latest one is real and big--two thousand plaintiffs big. I know the NFL has a lot of attorneys, but this is very serious and has cast a huge black cloud over our favorite sport. And I blame Gregg Williams. Okay, not quite--it's just a violent game and for the most part always has been.

I know it's not going to go away, but because it is Friday, let's talk about some lighter things. Like....scabs! It looks as if we are definitely going to have replacement refs to start the 2012 season. Two things are cool about that--one, Jerome Bogar will spend more time determining your car insurance costs, and less time determining the outcomes of football games. Secondly, you can be a referee. That's right, you!

Terrell Owens fired his agent this past week, and made it sound like Drew Rosenhaus was the reason he hasn't played in the NFL in two years. It's not. He had knee surgery in April of last year, he's 38, and he's like a walking three-ring circus. Still, someone is bound to give that guy another shot.

So the Pro Bowl is going to go at least one more year in Hawaii. We talked about that last week. But check this out--the story ran in Travel Weekly earlier this week, with a big fat ad for the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel next to it. So, in this case, I think egg came before the chicken.

In case you guys were wondering, DT Khalif Mitchell and RT Jovan Olafioye are back with the CFL's BC Lions, boosting their chances for another championship. Sweet!

So some rich dude named Kroenke wanted to buy the Rams and move them somewhere, and the city said "No, thanks, rich dude. Take your money and go buy something else, like a couple million Slurpee machines."

I've already got a stack of books and magazines that I'm having trouble getting through, but I HAVE to read this book by former PA governor Ed Rendell, even if he is an Eagles fan. It's called A Nation of Wusses. Now that is an awesome title.

Quick, name seven draft busts. I bet you can't do it without saying the name Ryan Leaf, and of course he is on this list of seven that I just found. Eric Crouch? Kelly Stouffer? Yikes.

I know a lot of you are Yankees fans, but some of us, including me, are huge Mets fans. So I was thrilled to see Johan Santana pitch the first no-hitter in Mets history last Friday night. Yes, I know it was technically a one-hitter, because Carlos Beltran hit a fair ball that was called foul. But it's in the books and I like it. I also liked how I wasn't watching the game, and my cell phone almost exploded with text messages and Facebook posts from my pals back home. Too cool. For the record, Johan pitches at Yankee Stadium tonight, one week after his gem.

I really really really wanted the Miami Heat to lose last night. But you know, the prospect of watching the Heat go down in flames to a very young and ridiculously talented Oklahoma City Thunder team should have all Dream Team haters salivating.

So yesterday was my wedding anniversary--9 years. And as we sat down for dinner in a nice steakhouse in downtown Madison, my wife got me a gift that just about every guy would want--a membership in the Jerky of the Month club. It sure was a meat-fest last night. Wait, did I just say that? I knew I should have quit while I was ahead. But hey, my point is, my wife is awesome. Because she got me jerky, and she lets me watch football all day, every Sunday in the fall.

Have a great weekend fellas!