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Lawrence Taylor and OJ Anderson at the 2012 Fantasy Football Fest


Are you a football fanatic? Are you a die hard Giants fan who is experiencing heavy withdrawals during the offseason? If you are reading this, the answer is quite clear. Not to worry Giants fans, we've got the perfect solution, the 2012 Fantasy Football Fest!

The date is August 18-19, 2012. The place is Atlantic City, New Jersey. The experience…phenomenal. The 2012 Fantasy Football Fest will be the biggest football event since Super Bowl XLVI and you will get a chance to meet some of your favorite New York Giants, Lawrence Taylor and O.J. Anderson to name a few. LT and Joe Theisman, back together again under the same roof? Yes! Read on for more information about this unforgettable mega-event and how to meet LT and OJ.

From the Press Release:

New York Giants Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor and Super Bowl XXV MVP Ottis "O.J." Anderson have teamed up with ReedPOP to help launch the inaugural Fantasy Football Festival in Atlantic City, which expects to bring over 25,000 fans in approximately 300,000 square feet of total experience space in two days, August 18th-19th. The stars will host autograph signings in the Steiner Sports Autographing Area and take part in panel discussions that includes a Q&A session for fans.

While the Fantasy Football Fest focuses on fantasy football including space for leagues to conduct drafts and fantasy experts providing tips and insights to help players’ teams perform at their best, the festival is much more than just fantasy. It promises to be about every aspect of football except strapping on the pads and getting hit. The show features will offer something for every member of the family in addition to an amazing weekend for the hardcore fantasy player.

Activities and special events include a draft day party, athlete and celebrity appearances, sports video game tournaments and free-play, interactive athletic competitions, sports memorabilia, a tailgate party and beer tasting.

In addition to Taylor and Anderson, Philadelphia Eagles stars Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy, former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, NFL Hall of Famers Bruce Smith and Chris Doleman and ESPN Fantasy Expert Matthew Berry have been confirmed to attend the show as well.

Tickets for the two day extravaganza can now be purchased at For up-to-the-minute info on new announcements and Fantasy Football Fest programming and celebrity athletes follow Fantasy Football Fest on Twitter @FanFootballFest or like Fantasy Football Fest on Facebook


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