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Tom Coughlin: 'Very Good' To Have Osi Umenyiora On The Field

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin was thrilled Monday to have Osi Umenyiora back on the Timex Performance Center practice field.

"Very good to have him out there," Coughlin said. " There is never any question about Osi preparation-wise. He is a tremendous studier of the opponent. He knows exactly what his thoughts are going into the game and how the game plan fits. He will always do that, but to get back into a football frame of mind - and a positive one at that - it is a very good thing."

Here are some of Coughlin's other thoughts after Monday's workout.

On offensive tackle Will Beatty and his sore back:

" I don't know that he will make the mini camp. But he is making good progress. ... It is painful. But he has worked well at it. He is in every meeting. And I'm encouraged by that. He is not uncomfortable sitting in his meeting room chair. So he is making good progress."

On who has played well during the OTAs:

"I think there are four or five guys that have flashed that would give you some real good thoughts about how they performed out here. For example, I thought Michael Coe had a couple of outstanding plays - a real good interception the other day. Ramses Barden has had good flash plays out here. Adrian Tracy has done the same. Those would be the guys. A lot of the rookies have - upon opportunity - maybe a flash here and a flash there. David Wilson, with his conditioning and his quickness and speed, has been there. I'm encouraged by more and more guys that have had issues in the past - like Ahmad - he has practiced a couple of days."

On Friday's upcoming visit to the White House:

"It is a great honor to go to the White House - to be invited by the President of the United States - to have our Super Bowl 46 and World Championship team go and be in the presence of the President and the historic White House."