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New York Giants Tyler Sash Showing Improvement Thus Far

I recently listed second-year safety Tyler Sash as one of my 'Players Under Pressure' for the New York Giants entering the 2012 season. Well, good friend Pat Traina of Inside Football has penned an encouraging post about the work the former sixth-round draft choice has put in thus far this offseason.

Here is Pat's money quote from Giants safeties coach Dave Merritt is regards to Sash.

"One thing that Tyler has done is that he's actually taking classroom (work) a little more seriously," Merritt said. "He is growing up and understanding that he has to make the calls and the adjustments, so that right there alone from his rookie year to where he is right now has been a big improvement. Since he's running with the first team with Phillips down, he's out there making more coverage adjustments and rotation adjustments than he did last year."

Here's one from Sash himself.

"I feel better moving around," he said of his showing thus far this spring, adding that his improved understanding of the defense has also contributed this being able to play faster.

"Last year, I don't think I understood all the run fits and gaps systems when an extra safety comes down into the box. With the OTAs, that's something I've really been concentrating on because that's something that I feel like I can really help the team with."

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