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New York Giants News and Notes: The Catch Revisited Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. We are literally barreling through the off-season, and there are two reminders this morning about how unbelievable our Super Bowl win was just four months ago tomorrow--a new DVD and a dissection by former Giants' receiver Mario Manningham about The Catch II, or whatever you want to call it--I call it freaking ridiculous and I mean that in a good way. Anyway, here is what is happening as we're less than two months away from the start of training camp.....

Giants Super Bowl XLVI DVD with complete playoff broadcasts on sale Tuesday |
I try to keep this blog as objective and commercial-free as possible but I know folks have been very anxious about when the Giants' Super Bowl XLVI DVD with the complete network broadcasts of the playoff games would be available. I finally have your answer: (this) week. NFL Films and Vivendi Entertainment have announced "New York Giants: Road to XLVI" on DVD ($39.99) and Blu-Ray ($49.99) will go on sale on Tuesday.

For the record, it's actually about the four playoff games, not just the Super Bowl.

San Francisco 49ers: Mario Manningham breaks down his clutch Super Bowl moment - Chico Enterprise Record
It looks like a high-speed ballet. Manning gets his left foot down, then drags his right, skimming along the surface as the ball floats into his fingertips. Watching this scene again, the receiver shows no emotion. His dissection is clinical. "As soon as the ball touches your hands, that's when your feet have to freeze," he said. "Your body has to be still and you have to have control of the ball."

We've all dissected the play too, but not like this. This is a great article that gives intricate details about just how incredible the play was in real time.

Osi Umenyiora has 'peace of mind' after restructuring contract with Giants |
Someone informed of the details of the agreement said it’s not an extension and only a reworking of the final year of the contract Umenyiora signed in 2006. The person, who requested anonymity because the team did not comment on the terms, said the Giants vowed not to place the franchise tag on Umenyiora next spring.

Will Victor Cruz or Hakeem Nicks be the New York Giants' most valuable fantasy receiver in 2012? - Fantasy Football - ESPN
Could two New York Giants wide receivers really be among the top 10 at the position?

Sorry, you need ESPN Insider to read the full piece, and I don't have that--but this is an extremely interesting debate. And it's made even more controversial by the fact of Nicks' foot injury. For that reason I might pick Cruz before Nicks in my fantasy draft. How about you guys? I'm biased, too, because I have had Victor on all of my fantasy teams in 2010 and 2011, but in 2012 he's going to be drafted very high and will be harder to nab.

Bill Parcells vs. Tom Coughlin: When it comes to the best coach in NY Giants history, start the debate - NY Daily News
Bill Parcells is considered the greatest coach in Giants history and is one of the favorites to be selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2013. If Tom Coughlin has not completely closed the gap on Parcells as the best Giants coach of all time, he's at least a big part of the conversation now that he's tied Parcells with his second Super Bowl championship.

I still pick Parcells, but not by much at this point.

Tri-State Quarterback Showdown - New Rochelle, NY Patch
In a competition judged by former New York Giants Phil Simms and Amani Toomer among others, student athletes from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut competed in passing events, throwing at both targets and to live receivers.

Where are they now? | The 2002 Scholar-Athletes -
Pharmacy manager at the downtown Indianapolis Walgreen’s, which served as the New York Giants’ prescription supplier for the Super Bowl in February. "We knew who was on antibiotics, and I had to warn my staff not to talk to anyone about which players were sick," Biss said.

Now that's really interesting. Imagine being the person that has to keep that a secret so the Patriots didn't have the information. Imagine Belichick walking into the pharmacy and casually asking which Giants were on antibiotics. Okay, maybe it's not that interesting, but it's another slow news day!