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Big Blue View Mailbag: About The Offensive Line

David Baas (64) of the New York Giants will start at center once again in 2012. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
David Baas (64) of the New York Giants will start at center once again in 2012. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
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I have not done a 'Big Blue View Mailbag' in a while, but I received an interesting question from a reader this weekend, so today brings a Sunday morning mailbag for your reading pleasure.

Nat writes:

The restructuring of Osi's contract and the lifting of Brown's suspension were both great news. But, as management seems to be aware, the Offensive Line remains a serious area of concern. I don't see how the Giants can gamble with the prospect of Eli not getting adequate protection. Do you think that Reese will address this problem before the season opener and what are the realistic options?

Nat, the answer to that is that I think the Giants have already done everything they are going to do in terms of adding -- and subtracting -- personnel.

  • They let aging right tackle Kareem McKenzie go, and it looks like McKenzie will end up retiring as no one has yet picked him up.
  • They added Sean Locklear, an eight-year veteran to provide depth at both offensive tackle spots.
  • They drafted two offensive linemen, albeit not in the early rounds. But, fourth-round pick Brandon Mosley is looked at as a David Diehl type who could eventually end up pretty much anywhere except left tackle. Matt McCants, a sixth-round pick, is another versatile player who could find a role along the line one day.

There really isn't anything else substantial that the Giants can do in terms of personnel for the 2012 season. Look at the free-agent list and there really aren't many names worthy of attention at this point. Sure, some players might become available later this summer, but the Giants don't have much cap room anyway. So, most likely with the Giants offensive line what you see is what you are going to get.

What does that mean, exactly? Here is how the Giants will line up, with some of my thoughts on each player.

Left Tackle -- Will Beatty. If you are worried about Beatty, I'm not really sure you should be. He isn't Jonathan Ogden or Anthony Munoz, but he can do the job.

Left Guard -- Kevin Boothe. He did a good job last season and he deserves to open training camp as the starting left guard. Would I be the only one stunned if Mitch Petrus takes that job away from him? Either way, I feel OK about it.

Center -- David Baas. The Giants told us how good this guy was last season when they signed him as a free agent. Injuries and the lack of an offseason program made it difficult for him to show it, though. He needs to be better this season, and provided he is healthy he probably will be.

Right Guard -- Chris Snee. Did not play up to his standards last season, and we found out after the season that he had been playing through an elbow issue. He had minor surgery to fix that during the offseason. Snee may never again be the dominant player of four years ago, but if he is healthy I would expect better play from him this season.

Right Tackle -- David Diehl. Rip Diehl all you want, but he has started for the Giants at every position on the line except center. He has two Super Bowl rings, and part of the reason for them is his willingness to move around and play wherever the Giants ask. He doesn't have to be all-world on the right side, he just needs to be be adequate. At this point in his career right tackle might actually be the position he is best-suited for.

Reserves -- Petrus, Locklear, James Brewer, Mosley and McCants seem like your likely backups.

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