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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

Happy Friday everyone. It feels good to be back after missing last week, even though at this time last week I was in my sister's pool in 95 degree heat sipping a cold one. Actually scratch that, it's not that good to be back! Speaking of last week, I had some of the best pizza in the world--at Bud's Place in Apalachin NY. You guys that live near Bud's are lucky. And I was lucky that I told my sister I was going to have pizza and eggs the next morning, and I made good on that promise.

Man, now I'm hungry. But hey, on to football!

So the NFL Network is debuting a new morning show, NFL AM, that will air on weekday mornings. It's not like that revolving Total Access show that repeats each hour and features a couple of blondes and that dude with the big ears. This one will be live, sort of like Morning Joe for football fans. I really need a TV in my office.

Here is an interesting debate about the Ryan brothers, and who will lead the better defense in 2012. I am going with Rex, but I do have one more thing to say -- those guys are REALLY identical twins--same face, same belly full of cheeseburgers. But that mop on Rob's head makes it easy to tell them apart.

Did you guys see this list of the ten biggest jerks in the NFL,and ten biggest good guys? It's pretty funny. I mean, I didn't know Antonio Cromartie had twelve kids. Yikes. And it's great that he puts Tom Coughlin at number 1 on the good guy list. But then, I want to know how the hell you leave Eli Manning off this list.

In case you're keeping score at home, Drew Brees still does not have a contract. I don't know, something tells me the Saints aren't going to be very good this year.

College football finally has a playoff, even if it's really just an extra week of the top four teams squaring off. Since they have until 2014 to prepare, I'm guessing this will wind up being the Doritos Ford Bud Light State Farm Preparation H BCS playoffs.

I've never heard of former NFL player Mike Charles, but this is a pretty cool story about how he rebounded health-wise and now teaches other how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Did you guys know that the NFL's carrot could be keeping coaches in line? I just read the headline just like that and part of the article, and I have no idea what they mean by "carrot." If Mike Florio is reading this, can you clarify that, dude?

Ed mentioned this the other day, and I agree--the new 4:25 kickoff time for doubleheader games is a good thing. That 30-minute period as the early games are ending is usually insane, and it's annoying when the Giants play late and all these awesome finishes are going on at the same time.

So T.O. and Pacman spoke at the NFL rookie symposium? Really, those guys? I'd tell you more, but how am I supposed to read the article when there is a large photo of a well endowed cheerleader on the right hand column?

Speaking of rookies, RG3 talked at a football camp in Cleveland this week about a "vulture" looking to extort money from him--that they are out there and you have to be careful. That has to be a scary thing for these young guys making gobs of money. Speaking of vultures, there will be one wearing number 90 that this kid also has to worry about.

Do you guys think Aaron Rodgers will be the same fantasy player in 2012 that he was in 2011? That's an interesting debate. It's hard to think he won't be, barring injury. Since we're getting close to discussing fantasy football, I'd like to know who you guys would choose if you had the first pick in your draft.

Have a great weekend, guys!