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New York Giants: Better Or Worse On Paper?

It's the time of year for NFL writers when creating lists, handing out offseason grades and doing a variety of positional and team analysis type pieces is the order of the day. The Sporting News recently posted its NFC Offseason Grades. Here is what TSN said about the New York Giants:

"The Super Bowl champion Giants have escaped the offseason relatively unscathed. They were able to draft Wilson and Randle to replace the big-name vets (Manningham and Jacobs) they lost. The key is having Hakeem Nicks, who broke his right foot in May and underwent surgery, ready to go at the start of the season. The Giants are in much better position to defend their championship than they were after winning Super Bowl XLII."

Agree or disagree, Giants fans? Is this team, on paper, better than it was at the end of last season? Or, do you look at the losses the team suffered and this team just isn't as good heading into 2012?