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New York Giants News and Notes: Digging for Blue Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. We have reached that point in the off-season where it's especially quiet as far as NFL news goes. That means we have to dig deep, and I'm sure that is the way Tom Coughlin likes it. So let's see what we were able to find this morning....

New York Giants players disagree with quarterback Eli Manning being ranked the 31st-best player in the NFL -
There are 30 players in the NFL better than Eli Manning? Huh? "He’s No. 1 in my book, there’s not even any question about it,’’ Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty said Thursday at his Camp of Champions at George Washington High School in Washington Heights. "What he does for our football team, what he means for our football team, he’s my MVP. I’m sure Eli’s not losing any sleep about being rated No. 31. He’s thinking about how to make our football team better for the upcoming season.’’ Canty clearly doesn’t think much of an NFL Network poll that has the Giants quarterback rated as the 31st-best player in the league, but he does have an idea why Manning is ranked so low.

Jason Pierre-Paul in mold of Reggie White, Canty says -
Pressed to find JPP's equal, Canty dialed up the name of a legend. "There is really nobody in the league right now that you can compare him to," Canty said. "The only person that kind of sticks out where you can compare him to -- and I can't believe I am saying this -- but he reminds me a lot of Reggie White. His ability to play all those different positions and to impact the football game the way he does, he is an unbelievable talent."

Wow, Canty sure has been a walking sound bite.

Giants summer questionnaire: Tight end Martellus Bennett |
Bennett, who claims he's in great shape despite Mike Pope's concerns, has plenty to prove on the field. For now, it's clear he talks a great game.

Pettitte fractures fibula in Yankees' 5-4 win - Yahoo! Sports
New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin will throw out the first pitch on Saturday against the White Sox

I just wanted you guys to see that part about Coughlin in the notes.

Ranking the Top 10 Wide Receivers in the NFL Today: Fan's Opinion - Yahoo! Sports
Today's NFL is a passing league. In order to achieve success your team had better have a good air attack. Take my New York Giants for example. Eli Manning and wideout Victor Cruz torched defenses last year en route to a Super Bowl victory. Since we're on the subject of passing I thought that this would be a good time to rank the top 10 wide receivers in the NFL today. So let's begin the debate. Here are the top 10 WRs in the NFL today, in my opinion:

This fan post on Yahoo is remarkable. I am okay with leaving Victor Cruz off the list, but how is Hakeem Nicks not in this guy's Top 10, or even in HONORABLE MENTION? I felt better while reading some of the comments asking just that, but wow. Percy Harvin? Stevie Johnson? Are you kidding me?