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New York Giants Victor Cruz 'Can't Wait For Football Season'

I came across some interesting comments today from New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz during an appearance at a football camp. [via Pro Football Talk]

"I can't wait for football season to come around, so I can kind of relax and focus on football," Cruz told the Virginian-Pilot.

This is the kind of thing you have to worry about with Cruz, whose 1,536 yards set a single-season franchise receiving record last season, and whose Salsa dancing touchdown celebrations made him a beloved figure among Giants fans.

Even though Cruz also said "I want to stay the same person as I was when I was walking the streets of Patterson. Not let this get to my head, just remain myself, and all the good things will continue to happen' you have to worry about how well a 25-year-old who has never had this kind of spotlight handles the glare and all of the outside commitments (which were listed by PFT) and prepares properly for the upcoming season.

Little lapses in concentration or small differences in physical conditioning can make a huge difference at the highest levels of any sport. Cruz seems to have kept everything in perspective, but only time will truly tell us how well he handles his success.