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On Martellus Bennett, And Foolish Things Bloggers Write Sometimes

Blogging The Beast editor Jimmy Kempski, known around these parts as 'JimmyK,' got himself into a bit of hot water with some New York Giants fans recently when he wrote that the Giants might end up cutting Martellus Bennett, the free-agent acquisition expected to be the team's tight end in 2012.

I have avoided the whole subject because, well, because it's a foolish position to take to begin with. And, as Jimmy has found out, the reaction from some readers of some boards who don't behave as well as you guys do has been, umm, less than kind.

Let's just stick with Bennett and his potential future with the Giants. The idea that the team would cut Bennett, foolishly at 291 pounds during OTAs, is silly.

This was part of Inside Football editor Pat Traina's reaction:

I respect others' opinions, but the idea of the team cutting Bennett just to pick up more draft picks next year is ludicrous. And as for him reportedly being a headache, trust me when I say that team has put up with bigger headaches in recent years and have done so with a smile so long as said headaches have produced.

Knowing Pat the way that I do I am surprised she took the time to write about this. I happen to agree with her completely, however.

The Giants gave Bennett only a one-year contract for a reason. They aren't sure about the guy. They see the talent, but they also have to understand that Jason Witten's presence in Dallas may not be the only reason Bennett did not flourish with the Cowboys.

The Giants, though, are an extraordinarily patient organization. Bennett may not be the long-term answer, but he isn't getting cut before he gets a chance to fully state his case one way or the other.