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Michael Strahan: Osi Umenyiora Salary Is 'Flat-Out Robbery'

Osi Umenyiora grumbled for years about his contract with the New York Giants. Now that the two-time Pro Bowler has a restructured contract with the team he appears to be content. That, however, does not mean we are done hearing about Umenyiora and money.

Former Giants great Michael Strahan has apparently taken up the cause of complaining about how much the Giants are not paying the eight-year veteran, saying the $6 million the Giants are repotedly paying him for 2012 is "flat-out robbery."

Strahan knows what he would have done in Umenyiora's shoes.

"If it were me, I would have sat at home and I wouldn't have played,'' Strahan said. "That's just me. I've threatened to do that in my time and I ended up getting what I wanted. Osi's a different mindset than me. I'm probably a little more, ‘I don't care what people think.' "

We know that's the truth, too, because we know that Strahan did exactly that during his Giants career.