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Touring The Nation: Around The NFL, SB Nation Style


Let's take a quick look at what some of the other football blogs around SB Nation are writing about today.

The Percy Situation....Resolved? Looks Like It, For Now. And Don Glover Weighs In - Daily Norseman
Well, that was exciting, wasn't it? Kind of like bad storm clouds that look like they're coming your way, but suddenly move around you. Apparently, The Percy Situation has been resolved, for the time being.

It's Time For Matt Ryan To Shake His Reputation - The Falcoholic
Joe Flacco is not as good a quarterback as Matt Ryan. You can argue that he doesn't have the weapons Ryan has, and I won't dispute that. You can argue that he has a bigger arm, and I won't dispute that. But his football intelligence and his ability to escape pressure just isn't there compared to our hometown hero. Yet the primary difference between them is that Flacco's Ravens have been successful in the playoffs, and Ryan's Falcons have not.

Spagnuolo Not Content as Assistant Coach? - Canal Street Chronicles

It would seem that both the Saints' and Spagnuolo's redemption go hand in hand.

Right way to build roster depth? Patriots, Steelers, Bears, Cowboys, Lions do it best - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy

Everybody knows the top players and positions in the NFL, but what about the backups? Roster depth is critical and Pat Kirwin rates the important second-string roles and the best teams top to bottom.

The Unknown Owner of the San Diego Chargers - Bolts From The Blue

George Pernicano is both the oldest and longest-tenured owner of the San Diego Chargers. Ever heard of him?