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2007 Giants Vs. 2011 Giants: Comparing Super Bowl Champs -- Tight Ends

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Let's look at the tight end position as we continue our comparison of the New York Giants 2007 and 2011 Super Bowl-winning teams. This one is quite interesting. Here are the names, and the numbers.

2007 Giants

Jeremy Shockey -- 57 catches
Kevin Boss -- 9 catches
Michael Matthews -- 6 catches

2011 Giants

Jake Ballard -- 38 catches
Bear Pascoe -- 12 catches
Travis Beckum -- 5 catches

Although this was the least productive full season of Shockey's career with the Giants in terms of number of receptions, the 57 catches is more than all three Giants tight ends combined in 2011. How do you weight that against Shockey's histrionics? The fact that he was not available for the playoff run? The explosion that led to his exit from New York?

Kevin Boss was a pup at that point, though he did have a critical catch in the Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots and had five postseason receptions in all. Matthews was a blocker, little more.

In 2011, Ballard achieved more than anyone thought he would -- but still far less in terms of raw numbers than Shockey. Pascoe is better than Matthews. As for Beckum, a big play against the Green Bay Packers is the only real positive play he has made in three seasons.

This one comes down to how you grade Shockey's on-field work vs. the off-field nonsense.

I look at it this way. The Giants played better when Shockey was gone for the playoffs, and they haven't missed him since.