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Percy Harvin Wants Trade, Should New York Giants Be Interested?

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Percy Harvin, star wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, has requested a trade from the team. Should the New York Giants be interested if the Vikings were to decide to grant Harvin's apparent request?

A big trade for a star player is not the way the Giants generally operate, but Harvin is at least worth talking about. He is 24, is a rising star in the league and the Giants do have question marks at wide receiver entering training camp. Mario Manningham is in San Francisco, Hakeem Nicks is hurt and beyond Victor Cruz are guys with potential, but a whole lot to prove.

So, let's talk about Harvin. He caught 87 passes last season and has 218 receptions in his three-year career. He also averages 26.6 yards over 98 career kickoff returns. The 5-foot-11, 200-pound Harvin is an explosive, proven playmaker.

Would it be in the Giants' best interest to send the Vikings a bushel of draft picks -- and probably one of their own stable on young receivers -- for Harvin?

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