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New York Giants News And Notes: The Real LT Edition

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Just a couple of notes for you on this off-season Tuesday morning.

Who is the real L.T.? |
Asking who the real "L.T." is is the only way to start an argument faster than proposing a discussion on "LeBron v. Jordan". Now that LaDainian Tomlinson has retired, the debate can finally be put to rest. Who has earned the right to own the nickname: Tomlinson or Lawrence Taylor? I fully realize if we were having this conversation in five years Lauren Tannehill would have to be a part of it, but, thank goodness, it's only 2012. There are plenty of categories to help us decide the rightful owner, and there must be careful consideration, because a nickname can sometimes be more valuable than a Super Bowl ring. (Okay, not really, but "Laces Out" Dan Marino might tell you different.)

Valentine's View: You guys know how I feel about this one. In the end, comes to the same conclusion.

Philadelphia Eagles picture a bright 2012 after disappointing 'Dream Team' season - Don Banks -
In an NFC East that features the moxie and resiliency of the defending Super Bowl champion Giants, the fresh dose of energy and excitement Robert Griffin brings to Washington, and the always intriguing talent and potential of the Dallas Cowboys, it's the Philadelphia Eagles -- Team Underachievement last year -- that I think is in the best position of all as the 2012 season looms in the not too distant future.

Drew Brees compares evidence for bounties to evidence for WMDs | ProFootballTalk
Saints quarterback Drew Brees has offered up an interesting analogy for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s case that some of Brees’s coaches and teammates on the Saints were involved in a bounty program: Brees says it’s reminiscent of President George W. Bush’s case for the Iraq War.

On Monday, as reporters were scrutinizing about 200 pages of what the NFL says is a 50,000-page file of evidence in the Saints’ bounty program, Brees wrote on Twitter that he isn’t buying it.

"If NFL fans were told there were ‘weapons of mass destruction’ enough times, they’d believe it," Brees wrote. "But what happens when you don’t find any????"