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Will Beatty Injury Update: Kevin Gilbride Voices Concern

New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride expressed concern about starting left tackle Will Beatty when the team concludes its mandatory mini-camp earlier this week

Beatty did not participate in any of the OTAs or the mini-camp due to a back injury suffered during offseason training. There is apparently some concern over whether or not Beatty will be ready when training camp begins July 27 at the University at Albany.

"We need him. He has got to be there. We have lost to what amounts to three starters in the last two years on the offensive line. You can't keep doing that and not be effective," Gilbride said. "If you lose him that means four starters in the offensive line. Then it doesn't matter how good your quarterback is. It doesn't matter how good your receivers are. It doesn't matter the explosiveness. Those guys enable our skill guys to play. So, yeah, I'll be very concerned if he can't play."

Beatty started 10 games in 2011 before missing the remainder of the season with a detached retina.

"We have Sean Locklear and hopefully he was going to be a backup for us. We were hoping James Brewer is going to come. Those guys still have to come into play. But we are thin. We are not thin numerically but with experienced, proven guys that you can say, 'Hey, we feel real good about,' " said Gilbride.

"You can't lose that many guys in one spot - especially that spot - and not be concerned. Somebody has to step up. Lose Will Beatty - that would be the fourth starter in the last two years. That is too many; that's too many."