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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

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Happy Friday guys. It's a really happy Friday for me, as I'm on vacation next week (as of tomorrow, actually). So I might try to keep this column short today. Honestly, things are winding way down as it is. That means we will both have to scramble for material, and post goofy things we wouldn't otherwise.

Is there anyone else who thinks that the reason Chad Ochocinco signed with Miami is because of "Hard Knocks?" The guy had to pretty much keep his mouth shut in New England, which HAD to have affected his game. The mouth goes with the skills--you can't separate the two. I don't think the guy will return to his Bengals numbers, but he will surely be more of a threat in Miami.

Here is a good piece on Cowboys' receiver Dez Bryant. I think this guy scares me even more than DeMarcus Ware. Of course, I know any quarterback not named Romo in the NFC East is reading this and telling me I'm crazy. Dez just has sick talent that I think hasn't even scratched the surface yet because of injury. Then again, I hope I'm wrong.

Andrew Luck finally showed up at mini-camp. Slacker! The article talks about him throwing passes to, among others, Reggie Wayne. And it made me think that there can't be anyone happier than Reggie to see Andrew Luck coming in after that revolving mess at the QB position the Colts fielded last season.

Here is an NFL lawsuit story that has nothing to do with concussions. But you know what? I just skimmed it twice and I have no idea what I just read. That's called vacation brain. It also has something to do with the fact that it's a bunch of legal language that I didn't feel like translating. Because of, you guessed it, vacation brain. Speaking of concussions, we have to get the obligatory gloomy story out of the way. This week it's Terry Bradshaw saying that if he had a son, he wouldn't let him play football, and that he thinks the game will undergo major changes after all of these lawsuits. I wonder what Mrs. Mara has to say about that.

Whew, thankfully the Arena League is still providing meals for their players. I was worried about that (snark alert). But not as worried as the dude who wrote this open letter.

If you're looking for Lions' RB Mikel Leshoure, just listen for the Bob Marley and Grateful Dead blaring from somewhere.

It took the Houston Texans' franchise almost ten years to reach the playoffs, but they did and rewarded coach Gary Kubiak and GM Rick Smith with contract extensions.

And I will leave you guys with this--Cleveland Indians' first baseman Carlos Santana went after a foul ball in the stands, but the guy in the front row impeded his attempt. Wow, did you see the belly of that guy jiggle as Santana tackled him? Awesome!

I'm out fellas.....see you back here in ten days!