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New York Giants Mini-Camp Begins Tuesday

The New York Giants will hold thieir mini-camp Tuesday thru Thursday of this week. This will be the last official work together for the Giants prior to training camp at UAlbany later this summer.

Here are five things I think I am looking forward to during the three-day mini-camp, which will include one practice each day.

  1. I think I am looking forward to finding out if the Giants will actually let tight end Martellus Bennett play at an unbelievable 291 pounds. I know I'm looking foward to Bennett interviews.
  2. I am looking forward to seeing which of the plethora of wide receivers aiming to replace Mario Manningham steps up and makes an impression.
  3. The Giants have been experimenting with combination at linebacker, and likely will continue to do so. How that shakes out will be intriguing to monitor.
  4. Which of the undrafted free agents will step up against the big boys? Joe Martinek? Will Hill? Jake Muasau?
  5. It's football -- the last 'real' football we get to talk about for a while. I am just looking forward to having practice reports and real interviews to pass along and discuss.