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New York Giants Wide Receivers Coach Kevin Gilbride Jr., 05.31.12

Q: Tom Coughlin has said a couple of times that it would be nice to find the next Victor Cruz. Do any of these guys have that kind of potential?

A: I think they all bring a different element and different, basically, skill set. So if you’re looking for the exact mold of Victor Cruz, everybody’s a little bit different. But they all have something that’s special that they can bring to the table. The book’s still open on all these guys on as far as can they develop into one of those guys who can be an explosive playmaker, but they definitely have it in them.

Q: How much has Victor Cruz’s reps and role changed since Hakeem Nicks injury?

A: We have specific things that we do with him. Typically they’re on the field together, so they’re doing opposite things. So his routes and his reps haven’t adjusted as much as some of the other guys.

Q: How do you evaluate Ramses Barden, especially when he makes catches with defenders draped over him?

A: That’s part of his skill set. That’s part of what he can bring to the table. Yes, this is something that he can do that maybe a shorter guy, a small guy, a guy who doesn’t body up a defender as well, that guy might not be able to do. He still has areas that he needs to improve on such as creating separation from defenders and things like that. He’s working hard at that. He’s doing a good job right now.

Q: Do you think because of Barden’s injury last year that he never really got it going?

A: No. By time he was back on the field, I think he was full steam ahead.

Q: Mentally?

A: He’s a pretty bright kid. I wasn’t in the room with him every day, coaching him every day like I am now. Coach Ryan could probably speak on that more than I could. But I think mentally he’s sharp. I don’t think mentally that took a toll on him.