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Expanding On The David Wilson Over/Under Post

Flash back to Saturday and we did a little 'David Wilson Over/Under' post here at Big Blue View. Well, over at Blogging the Beast Jimmy Kempski, known to you folks as 'JimmyK,' liked the post so much that he expanded on it over at his site.

There is some excellent information about the recent history of first-year performance for running backs drafted in the early rounds of the NFL Draft. If you like diving a little deeper into the numbers than we did in our original post, check out Jimmy's work.

For those of you who just want the meat and potatoes, here is his conclusion:

I think the Giants will try to mix Wilson in, and when they do, I think he can be a productive compliment to Ahmad Bradshaw, but unless Bradshaw gets hurt for a significant stretch of games, I would lean toward taking the under. I would advise Giants fans to expect Wilson to start to pay off in Years 2 and beyond, but to keep your expectations in check for 2012.