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New York Giants News and Notes: SNL and More Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. Eli's SNL performance is in the books, as the NFL draft was the week before, and next we look forward to rookie mini-camps and more team workouts later this month. It's all part of the whole "there is not offseason" that is today's NFL. Also in today's NFL, an ominously recurring theme lately has been the post-concussion syndrome reality check theme, and the fact that with each passing day, we are starting to realize we really may have a problem here with this game we all love. Hopefully all can be resolved in a way that we can still enjoy the games, and the player safety is something that is continually refined as much as possible to make that happen. But it's Monday, and I really didn't want to start the week off on a down note, so let's have a look at all of the Giants-related news (much of it about Eli's SNL performance) this morning...

Don't mess with Eli: On SNL, Manning sticks up for little brothers |
Likely because in most bits, the writers cast Manning as the straight man who's supposed to appear funny because he's planted in a ridiculous situation. While that might work part of the time, Manning is actually more animated when he jumps aggressively out of character. B+ for effort?

Eli Manning has big brother problem on Saturday Night Live
Eli Manning appealed to Saturday Night Live because he doesn't take himself too seriously. That was evident throughout as the New York Giants' quarterback hosted the show Saturday night -- opening as a bumpkin in the "Big Apple" and doing a skit as guy with a real big brother problem.

New York Giants' Eli Manning can't beat Lindsay Lohan on 'SNL' -
Eli Manning may have beaten Tom Brady twice in the Super Bowl, but the New England Patriots' quarterback bested him on the set of "Saturday Night Live" -- and so did Lindsay Lohan. Rosenthal: Grading Eli on 'SNL' Eli Manning's debut on "Saturday Night Live" beat expectations, a lot like his career writes Gregg Rosenthal. More ... The NBC show drew a 5.2 rating when the New York Giant hosted Saturday, which was below brother Peyton Manning (5.9) and rival Brady (6.0) when each of them headlined the show.

The Star Of Last Night's SNL Was 50 Shades Of Grey
Still, Eli was upstaged by the star of one of the few sketches he wasn’t in. In a spoof ad for impressionable children and well meaning husbands tried to surprise mom on Mother’s Day with gifts from Amazon only to find she’d already gotten herself a gift: 50 Shades of Grey. The ad doesn’t quite beat Ellen’s reading of the S&M novel, but it might make you want to knock before you surprise your mom with breakfast in bed.

The Clicker - 'SNL' cooks up laughs with jab at New Jersey 'tanning mom'
In a moment everyone hoped for, "Saturday Night Live," parodied the "tanning mom" on its broadcast Saturday evening, and the startling truth was exuberantly received. Kristen Wiig’s caricature of Patricia Krentcil, New Jersey’s golden parent, arrived fittingly trailed by a cloud of smoke, and provided several raucous one-liners as part of the show’s, "Weekend Update."

Amazingly, the real "tanning mom" is darker!

Seth Meyers: Eli as good as Peyton - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
And at least one cast member thinks the New York Giants quarterback is going be really good. In fact, he could be better than big brother Peyton, who hosted the show in 2007. "He has a really good sense of humor,’’ "SNL" cast member Seth Meyers said of Eli in a video posted on "Obviously we worked with Peyton and I think people know he has a really good sense of humor but Eli’s just as good if not a little bit better.’’ "Part of the fun is just relaxing and realizing this stuff works best when the audience can tell you’re enjoying yourself," Meyers added. "If they can tell you’re out of your comfort zone and uncomfortable it’s not as much fun as if they can tell you’re out of your comfort zone and you don’t really care."

Ex-Giant Martin resigns as NFL Alumni Association boss - Dallas News |
George Martin, the embattled leader of the National Football League Alumni Association (NFLAA), has resigned from his position as president and executive director of the organization, FOX Sports learned Saturday. Martin, a former New York Giants great, had been under increased pressure since a FOX Sports investigation in January revealed widespread financial mismanagement of the NFLAA.

2012 NFL Draft - Ten Best Value Picks - Nice Pick, Cowher - A Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
Randle was considered a late-first round draft grade, and ended up being the ninth WR taken in the draft. The Giants are excellent at fitting players into their offensive scheme, and Randle has a chance to catch 40-50 passes in his rookie season. An excellent value for New York, drafting out of the final slot of each round after winning Super Bowl XLVI.

We sure do keep hearing great things about this kid. I'm looking forward to seeing him play.

What's left on the running back market - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN's a look at the top 10 remaining free-agent running backs and what they might bring if one of our division's teams were to sign them.

The Auburn Plainsman - Offensive lineman Brandon Mosley drafted to the New York Giants
Brandon Mosley was the only player from Auburn to be selected in the NFL Draft. He was chosen in the fourth round as the 23rd offensive lineman picked. At 6-6, 310 pounds, the native of Jefferson, Ga. was named to the coaches’ second-team All-SEC team. Mosley played at Auburn for two years after playing at Coffeyville (Kan.) Community College.

Hard-hitting questions about the NFL |
But Seau's apparent suicide will not be an occasion for a nuanced discussion about football and health. Instead, he will become a powerful symbol — the most-famous name in the disturbingly long rundown of NFL players who've taken their own lives.

There's that dark cloud I was talking about.

New York Jets sign Matt Simms after three-day tryout - ESPN New York
The New York Jets added another recognizable name to their quarterback depth chart, signing rookie Matt Simms -- son of former Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms -- to the roster Sunday after a three-day tryout in minicamp.