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Head Coach Power Rankings -- Giants Tom Coughlin No. 2

Amazing what a couple of Super Bowl titles can do. The National Football Post has put together NFL Head Coach Power Rankings, and NFP has Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants listed at No. 2.

With two championships, Coughlin's job status should never again be questioned. We know, though, that prior to now he has -- at least in some minds -- been perennially on the hot seat.

I have not fully thought through how I would rank NFL head coaches, but I can tell you Coughlin would end up in the top five no matter how I ranked everybody else.

I find these NFP rankings a little weird, to be honest. Jim Schwartz of Detroit No. 1? How does that compute? Rex Ryan two spots ahead of Andy Reid? Marvin Lewis, with no playoff wins in nine seasons, ahead of Ryan, Reid and Lovie Smith?

I don't get it. But, really, it's just something to chat about on an offseason Saturday. Doesn't mean much of anything, other than it is nice to see Coughlin being acknowledged.