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Over Or Under? The Magic Number For David Wilson Is 571

Over at some of the writers there are debating the potential 2012 production of New York Giants draft choices, including first-rounder David Wilson, a running back.

In reference to Wilson, the over/under number being discussed by is 800 yards rushing. Let's discuss Wilson's potential production for 2012, but let's use a different number. Rather than 800, let's use the 571 yards Brandon Jacobs ran for in 2011 as the over/under.

What are you taking Giants fans, the over or the under?

As I begin this, I'm not sure. Here is what I know. As we sit here today Wilson would be listed as No. 4 on the Giants' running back depth chart. Don't believe me? Think about who the head coach is, what is asked of running backs in the Giants offense, the things Wilson must learn, and the fact that Tom Coughlin does not put players on the field until they have earned his trust.

Right now, Ahmad Bradshaw is the No. 1 running back. Until his feet and ankles give out, which can happen any time as we know, he remains No. 1.

Danny Ware, love him or hate him, is No. 2. There probably isn't much big-play potential with Ware. He has, however, been around long enough and Coughlin and Kevin Gilbride have worked with him long enough that they trust him. He can run a little, catch a little, pass-block and protect the football.

When camp opens Da'Rel Scott will be No. 3, based simply on the fact that he has had a year in the Giants' offense and will be ahead of Wilson in terms of what he knows.

I admittedly root for Scott as a fellow University of Maryland grad, and I know the speed he possesses is intriguing to the Giants, in the end he is not taking carries away from Wilson, a first-round pick who will get his opportunity once the Giants are comfortable with him protecting both Eli Manning and the football. Scott's best chance will be to force the coaching staff to look to him rather than Ware, which might not be all that easy.

Anyway, back to the over/under question with Wilson. In the end, I will take the over, but not by a lot. I believe it is going to take time for Wilson to work his way into the lineup and into a full regular workload, especially if Bradshaw remains reasonably healthy.

Your thoughts?